Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Here is the BNP vote history since 1992.

It’s a little difficult to follow the three tracks in chronological order, so here are three graphs of the same data:

Local Elections between 2002 - 2008:

Increased vote from 3,022 – 234,128

General Elections from 1992-2005

Increased vote from 7,005 – 192,750:

E.U.Elections 1999-2004

Increased vote from 102,647 – 808,200:

And all of those vote increases are from coverage of only parts of the U.K. The upcoming E.U. election on June 4th is the first time that EVERYONE in the country will have a chance to vote for us.

In local elections from 2004-2008 we have multiplied our vote about 78x. (with only part – though steadily increasing - national coverage).

In general elections from 1992-2005 we have multiplied our vote about 27x (with only part – though steadily increasing - national coverage).

In E.U. elections from 1999-2004 we have multiplied our vote about 8x (with only part national coverage).

We can only wonder what the multiplication will be this time with full national coverage.

No wonder all the opponents of the BNP are panicking.



Lanky Patriot said...

Let's hope the trend continues as strongly.

Andrew said...

Going off the EU vote trendline we are talking around 5.64 millions will vote BNP in June.

If 8% will actually admit they will vote BNP to uGov. It bodes well for that >8% in the elections.


On a similar vein I had a letter off one MP Turner. My name and address with blurb on one side and on the other, a questionairre.

It was asking me how I would vote.

Now, call someone thick but why should anyone tell the likes of him who they will be voting for?

Its phishing. Isn't it illegal?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

It's difficult to claim a high confidence interval in a trendline from only two points.

However, there is a kind of confidence confirmation engendered by the results from local and national elections.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I too once had a letter from the same man - in it he told me two lies. IN WRITING - how daft can you get. I've got it secured for use in general election leafleting.

I love the internet - they can't get away with it these days because it's all out there on the web.