Thursday, 23 April 2009


An interesting and successful day in St Helens yesterday.
We decided to have a day of action there (I couldn't publicise it so we would catch them out)

A stall was set up near the parish church and leaflets were being handed out.
Before long the council officials were out to see if any by laws were being broken(they weren't) but it was surprising that so many people could be spared from the busy town hall to monitor a leafletting campaign. They must have had a slack work day. Keep paying your council tax. You know it is being put to good use.
A bearded man (he looked like a social worker) started handing out "Searchlies" pamphlets out and was generally ignored.

Tony Ward, our hero of Leigh was filming the street and was told by a cop to stop filming and he replied "no", so another cop came and said the same and he again refused saying it was not against the law unless he was a suspected terrorist. If they thought he was a terrorist they would have to arrest him. After conferring they decided to go. He asked them if he could carry on filming and one cop said "please yourself".

It just shows they dont know the law and were sent by their PC bosses to hassle us.

In another amusing incident Paul Rimmer was being abused by the self styled "anti fascists" and he retaliated by singing the national anthem. At this they walked away but he followed them singing "Jerusalem". This seemed to frighten them and they had to get a cop to stop Paul singing as it was disturbing them.

WHAT A STATE WE ARE IN when singing "Jerusalem" is considered offensive.

Clive Jefferson in the loudspeaker car was threatened with arrest for noise pollution. He said if it is too loud ask me to turn it down. At the time the speakers were off so how they could assess it I don't know.
I heard a cop talking on his radio asking whether anything racist had been said but could not get this confirmed.

Clive was made to move his car, fair enough and he parked across the road. We were talking, in this quiet street and Nick arrived. I was amazed by the reaction for with only one exception people on recognising him were supportive and asked for leaflets.

After further leafletting we went to a pub where to a full house a soldier told of his betrayal by the government. He is a broken man but has little recompense, has to pay all his bills, unlike the immigrants. We were nearly moved to tears by his story.
This was followed by a Q and A session by Nick.

Today I visited a fantastic new venue where we will be having a special meeting in May.

It's all looking good with new enquiries coming in thick and fast.
I'm almost sorry I'll be off after tomorrow. The adrenaline is high and the response from the people is fantastic.
No wonder the corrupt politicians of the other parties are frightened.

The people are fed up of their lies and deceit and seeing the truth that--
The BNP is the ONLY way forward.


Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

You said:
'The BNP is the ONLY way forward.'

I say:
Despite everything, that is so true. Ready or not, the fact is our time has now come and we must grasp the opportunity with both hands.

As always Wigan BNP is showing the way. What a fantastic effort.

Chris Hill

red said...

The workers united will never be defeated. Charles you are a legend in your own mind.Nazis will never be allowed into our town.

Lanky Patriot said...

But they are Red. That is what we are campaigning against.
You@re right though. The workers united will never be defeated. That's why we are uniting the workers of the BNP to defeat the workshy fascist trash of the far Left and their state protectors.
We would always allow them into our town if they would debate but they can't and won't.
Mudslinging and fighting is all they can do.
Ask them to discuss issues and they run a mile.
Frightened of somebody singing Jerusalem? Pathetic.
No wonder they are unemployable.

P S I've been told that I am a legend in my own area as well.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Red (05:49hrs),
It sounds to me like you have the Nazi ideals, because it is you who wants to decide what political parties the voters of St.Helens can hear from (ie. you want silence any opposition that does not agree with your own political ideology).

However, given your empty 'Red' blogger profile, you are obviously not willing to stand up for you ideology so you pose no great threat to democracy. Let's keep it that you anonymous coward!

BY the way, the working class are the BNP's ground base. The BNP is the natural successor to the true Labour party of the early 1900's.

Chris Hill

A posting about that Keir Hardie leaflet might shut this modern day fascist up!

Anti-gag said...

My last PS was for Morg, sorry about that Charles.

Did you see my comments on the TB story?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


He's already been told all about Keir Hardie and his nationalist views in the comments on Wigan Today. As posted a couple of posts ago - the most recent article about Shut Uppery.

For details, read it all

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,


Can I also announce that Lancaster will be fielding a local candidate in the upcoming elections in June.
Vicky Blain the Lancaster contact is to stand for Morecambe town council. I'll be covering this story in full on the Lancaster blog next week, but I just thought I'd break the news here first.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'll deal with the TB issue tonight. Probably post it tomorrow. Don't want to push my latest post down yet.

red said...

lancaster nazi too

Anti-gag said...

Dear Red (10:48hrs),

OK, justify that last comment with a rational argument.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...


On Wigan Today we know Red as Socialist 1. If you get involved in any discussion with him you'll find he's nothing but a troll intent on winding you up and wasting your time.

I fell for that on Wigan Today. I wont do so again. You will get nothing sensible out of him.