Friday, 24 April 2009


It is great to see that St Georges Day has been celebrated all over the country this last week and especially on the 23rd.
A few years ago this saints day was ignored by most people but I have always sported a red rose for the occasion wherever I have been.
Thirty years ago I was attending a course in London on St Georges Day and sporting my usual red rose.I was the only person wearing a rose and bowler hatted city gents came up to me and congratulated me on my patriotism.

It is all so different today. Flags are everywhere and many towns and villages are urged to celebrate, and reclaim the day from the "Far Right" by politicians such as Boris Johnson (the advocate of amnesty for illegal immigrants) and immigrant clerics such as the Archbishop of York.

There are two points to make here.

Politicians have only been stimulated into celebrating our day by their fear of the BNP. They would not have needed to "reclaim" the flag if they had not discarded it into the gutter. We rescued it and now they want it back. If they were so keen on it they should not have discarded it.

Secondly we don't need advice from immigrants on what is Englishness nor how we should celebrate it, however good their intentions may be.

It is our flag and our day and we celebrate it as we want. We know who we are and ---

WE ARE THE ENGLISH and we will continue to do it OUR way as it belongs to US.


red said...

you are full of sh@te

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Thank you for contribution red!

Another constructive response from those who see things a little differently than we do.

You really don't get it do you 'red!' in that people are actually seeing you and your ilk for what you really are; illiterate and illogical.

But, I must thank you for putting so many new found supporters and members our way.

Cheers 'red'

red said...

you nazis up there got a busy day today?? well who would have thought