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And yes ... I'm aware of Lancashire sensitivities. But good sense is good sense wherever you hear it from.


10 good reasons to vote for your local BNP candidate

1) When a BNP councillor or councillors are elected in your ward the government will usually suspend sending any more asylum seekers and immigrants to your area under the government’s asylum seekers dispersal policy. This means you will then have to pay less council tax, as the support services for those asylum seekers such as language translation services and social services are not required. It also means that demand for local council housing is reduced and local families have a far better chance of getting a council house. It also means waiting time for hospital and doctors appointments are reduced as the extra demand placed on the NHS and welfare services by immigrants and asylum seekers are also reduced. Local schools also do not have to spend money on extra teaching costs for teaching immigrant children English lessons and this money can be spent on trying to raise the educational achievements of local children instead.

2) When a BNP councillor sits on your local council then they can act to prevent the abuse of your council tax when politically correct councils try and spend it on things like building caravan parks for travellers and funding festivals to celebrate alien and ethnic religions and festivals. You will also find that your local politically correct council will suddenly find a renewed interest in holding a St. Georges Day festival and flying the British and English flags from council buildings as a way to ’reclaim the flags and St. Georges Day from the Far Right’.

3) Your local BNP councillors on your council can also monitor and whistle-blow to the public the incompetence, corruption and politically correct nonsense that councils regularly indulge in. They reveal the dodgy deals in your local councils between the corrupt establishment parties, and will act as guardians of the public interest. Many local council have been run by the same corrupt cabals of local politicians that are as corrupt as any Third World state, with council officers being paid bungs by local builders to get planning permission, and a myriad of other scams. A few BNP councillors on a local council means this corruption usually stops, as they know that finally someone who is not part of the cabal of crooks is watching them.

4) Your local BNP councillors will publicise and organise public protests about any insane politically correct spending plans that councils draft up in their smoke-free back rooms behind drawn curtains and out of public scrutiny. They will ensure that the millions spent yearly by councils on race relations courses, race advisers, lifestyle, sexuality and transexual lifestyle advisers, and the rest of the parasites of the politically correct race relations industry are not funded with your council tax. They will resist all attempts by corrupt councils to cut services for local people and spend council tax on assisting asylum seekers and immigrants. For the BNP, putting local people first is the entire basis of our existence.

5) Once a BNP councillor is elected you will find that the politically correct police in your area suddenly start taking seriously, race attacks against whites in the area. They will also start to arrest ethnic criminals for a change instead of treating them with kid gloves out of fear of being called ’racist’. The police will start to monitor and record race attacks against local white people in an area where before they will not have even bothered to acknowledge that such race attacks even exist. Local white people will suddenly find that the police have as much interest in protecting their community from race attacks as they do protecting all other communities from race attacks. The police will not be so politically correct and will start deal with crime faster and more efficiently.

6) Once the BNP become a major force on your local council, such as in Barking and Dagenham, then you will find that the government will give those local councils millions and millions of pounds in grants, funds and loans so as to build new council housing in order to try and undermine the social problems such as a lack of council housing that led to a BNP rise in support in the first place. The government becomes so worried about the rise in BNP support that they suddenly become interested in those areas and re-direct regeneration grants into that area in order to try and ensure the BNP do not keep getting re-elected back into power. You will find that local councils suddenly find the money to buy private houses from private landlords in order to increase the amount of council housing stock, and that council land which was once abandoned is now targeted for new council homes. Vote BNP and government money pours into your area in order to ensure that you do not vote BNP again in the future.

7) Once an area has become known as an area with a BNP presence and support, then ethnic crime gangs do not move into those areas. This means that you and your families are less likely to be the victims of immigrant crime, your house insurance costs will fall, and local families can stay in an area instead of it being turned into an ethnic ghetto. Whilst the government and the politicians all talk about how immigrants ‘enrich’ our nation and communities, it is interesting that those white politicians do not live in areas where such enrichment is usually experienced. As the old saying goes ’ A supporter of multiculturalism is someone who hasn’t been mugged yet’.

8) When an area gets a BNP councillor you will see that money taken from council budgets and spent on perks and junkets for councillors and council staffs are radically reduced. The cosy little trips abroad on “fact-finding missions” and the endless executive lunches usually suffer an instant reduction when they know that a BNP councillor is available to check the council costs and bills. This money saved from being spent on council junkets can then be spent on local services and local people.

9) A BNP councillor can also act as the independent voice of local people in the internal council processes and procedures. Many councils are vast, bloated monstrosities, and run like Soviet Union style beauracracies. They are hostile to the people who pay for them and are arrogant and out of touch. They no longer serve their communities and instead simply treat local people as cash-cows to be milked dry of council tax. BNP councillors are on YOUR side, not on the side of the corrupt councils. We are here to represent you and common sense, not the cosy consensus and political correctness. A BNP councillor represents the voice of the silent majority, and will act to ensure that the councils serve the people not the people serve the councils.

10) A BNP council is a council of common sense and fair play, simply because the interests of local people are also the interests of the BNP. The BNP is not part of the old political Left/ Liberal / Right party game like the establishment parties as the BNP represents the interests of all the British people, not factions, donors and classes. The old parties of the Tories, Labour and Liberals, are all monstrous party political machines. They are millions of pounds in debt and are run and controlled by their crooked donors and backers. The BNP is not funded by foreigners, crooks and criminals like the establishment parties and is instead funded by its members and ordinary British people. This means we are not under the control of those corrupt donors who fund the establishment political parties, and this means we will run our councils for the benefit of you and not our backers and funders.


All lessons of experience from those places where BNP councillors have started getting elected.

The three main parties are all in it together, and are even in bed FORMALLY with the Communist Party, as I will prove in my next post. So ...

... if you want change, then the only way to get it is to VOTE BNP.


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