Friday, 13 March 2009


One of my regular daily blog visits is “Gates of Vienna”, and American blog, usually commenting on European Islamic-related affairs, owned and run by a man and wife who call themselves Baron Bodissey and Dymphna. Strange as it may be to say this, as we stereotypically consider Americans to tend towards the insular and inward-looking, I usually find I can learn more about what’s going on with Islam on this side of the Atlantic by going here, rather than to any European blogs or MSM outlets, including the BBC. It’s a blog I can heartily recommend.

Vera Baird is our Attorney General (I think … or it could be one of those other high and mighty panjandrum positions that have sprung up under this Labour creature we call government), or something like that. Certainly one of our most senior law officers. She spouts the usual nonsense we have become accustomed to. The Baron, however, has picked up a comment on a British blog (Old Holborn – another blog rewarding to visit), by a poster who calls him/her-self “The Honest Version of Vera Baird”. It bears relating in full.

Everything’s f**ked. We welcomed these Muslims with open arms, because we have a common enemy: conservatism, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, the old values of the democratic age. We thought they would help us build the new age of post-democracy; job security and fat pensions for us, communitarianism for you, and “social justice” for all.

We knew we’d be able to call our enemies Islamophobic when they objected to multiculturalism and immigration. We turned a blind eye to the anti-feminist abuses of Islam, because the ends justify the means, and anything that helps us dismantle the last traces of a “free country” is a good thing. Every law that bans “hate speech” — or any type of speech — is a victory for us.

But the project has gone wrong. The Islamists are more powerful than us now. We have to do what they say. And now, we literally let them get away with murder. The monster has turned on its maker.

However, we are telling you about this. We are making it obvious now. Our interference in the process of justice is plain. You can all see that the Islamists can do what they like, and we dare not stand against them. We banned Wilders so that you would watch his film. We released Ahmed so that you would know that the law is powerless against him. We protect the Islamist “anti-war protesters” and arrest you if you bother them. We are sending you a message.

Because we do not have the courage to do anything. That will be your job. We are washing our hands of the whole business. We think it is too late to come up with a peaceful solution. The beast is loose.

After the new Holocaust has wiped out England’s Muslims, including the peaceful majority who are not Islamists, then we will say “It wasn’t us! It was the BNP, and the people who voted for them!”

Even though it was our fault, because we allowed Islamism to flourish in our arrogance. We gave seats in Parliament to the Islamofascists, and we gave police protection and favourable media coverage to the terrorists. And, at the last moment, with Sharia looming and the global Caliphate being assembled, we forced you to choose between Nick Griffin and Islam. And you chose one type of fascism over the other."

And the last word goes to the Baron himself – and a compliment it is indeed.

"Nobody can rant like the British. Nobody."

Overall, not exactly compimentary, or even truthful about the BNP, towards the end, but I think it picks up on the mood of the British.



Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

I read today that the St.Helens group fought three bi-elections this week, can I ask why no report on these campaigns appeared on this blog. Although I realise technically St.Helens does not come under the area which this blog calls local, it does border Wigan and could certainly be regarded as being a local story.

A quick video interview with the candidates, out on the streets campaigning, and perhaps one of our local supporters doing a quick summary of why he (or better still she) thinks that a BNP councillor would be good for St.Helens. There are a hundred thousand other blogs covering the big world issues, but none (as far as I know) covering Wigan. Please get the video camera out and start covering these local activities.

Chris Hill

As always my comments are meant to be constructive, and not in anyway critical of the local Wigan group's leadership which has built up a very successful unit.

Well done the St.Helens group

Anti-gag said...

I've just read, on the BBC's news website, about an attack on a number of BNP members by a group of ANaL thugs.

Please pass on my best wishes to all involved, intimidation of this sort must not be allowed to divert us from our aims.

Chris Hill