Saturday, 14 February 2009

MP Andy "burn em all" Burnham Feels The Local Wrath

I was told a very interesting tale yesterday evening involving a very irate Leyther and that of our very own "gorgeous" Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Andy "burn em all" Burnham.

And this information coming from the lips of a Labour Party member (or now a more likely scenario, an ex-Labour party member!) Initially, the chap in question pulled me over the previous Friday evening to confess that although he was a Labour member, he'd attended the Leigh BNP's meeting the evening before and said he was somewhat astonished at the number of attendee's and that they doubled that of any local Labour Party meeting he'd previously attended and that we seemed more politically astute and approachable than those of a Labour meeting! Shock Horror!
Anyway, I bumped into this same chap again yesterday, and he began to tell me the tale that earlier in the day he and a friend had been in the local "bookies" after finishing work and although in the past couple of weeks there had been a gradual increase in "refugee's" or "immigrant's" frequenting this local bookmakers, yesterday saw an unprecedented influx of these sad, poor and displaced individuals fighting over an electronic casino game in this particular bookies and it is reported that many had been there since the 9am opening. So, this friend of the Labour chap who was utterly disgusted that he had to work all week to indulge in a little gambling to see these individuals cause absolute havoc in what was once a safe environment, finds himself in this melee.
And guess who has an office straight facing this particular bookmakers? None other than 'pretty boy' 'burn em all' Burnham! I kid you not!
Yes, this tale is coming from the lips of a current Labour member, but, I usually have a decent judge of character, so I believed him when he continued to say that "Burnham" was just leaving his Leigh office yesterday afternoon (if anyone can find out if Andy Burnham was in parliament on Friday 13th, I'd appreciate it, and I can rebuff these accounts) when this friend clocked "Burnham" and shot across the road to confront him. Apparently, Mr Burnham froze to the spot when the friend questioned him on why there was so many refugee's or immigrant's who can afford to frequent the bookies when he has to work all week to indulge in a little gambling?
Andy Burnham coughed and spluttered, so his female assistant stepped in and said it was because they worked the night shift! Night shift ! The friend quite correctly told her not to insult his intelligence! She then retorted that maybe their family's were sending them money over!!
As I say, I kid you not! Apparently, his government car then pulled up and Mr Burnham pale faced jumped in with his "blonde" assistant and scurred off into the distance!

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