Friday, 20 February 2009


Another successful meeting was held at our usual venue last night with a "full house" in attendance.

A report was given of our recent progress and plans for the future in this critical Euro election year. We are intending icreasing our leafletting operations especially in the areas South of Wigan as we have been getting good feedback in spite of not having concentrating in these areas. People are increasingly fed up of the lies, incompetence and greed of the other parties.
Members were informed of the offer of a large new venue which we will be taking advantage of in the coming weeks.
Credit was given to members who had worked hard leafletting in Leigh and Pemberton while realising much still needs to be done.

The first speaker was Eddie O'Sullivan, Salford organiser who was recently described in a newspaper article as "deceptively friendly". He certainly is friendly but I did not notice any deception in his demeanour.

Eddie explained the depths to which the fascists of the Labour Party were prepared to stoop in order to prevent our lawful leafletting exposing their lies and discrimination against the white unemployed of Manchester.
This included a jobs fair for black and ethnic minorities at Manchester town hall from which white people were excluded.
While leafletting explaining this blatant discrimination they were monitored by over 20 police and a helicopter.

At another public meeting they attended incognito they managed to ask questions of the organisers which the latter were not able to answer. Derek Adams the well known activist was not allowed to enter the meeting.
So much for a public meeting! So much fear of the truth!
Following the interval we were entertained by one of our favourite speakers, Dr Paul Rimmer who spoke movingly of the threat to our society and its' Christian heritage by the rapid influx of people of alien faiths. He said he had nothing against them as people but that the numbers were diluting our heritage and culture, but he saw that people were waking up to the danger and he had faith that our party would soon break through in spite of the obstacles put in our path.

Some new people attended and were favourably impressed, this being one of the objectives of our meetings, to gain new supporters and dispel the false impressions given by the media and other parties whose only defence against our arguments is to vilify us while refusing to debate.
A good collection was held together with a raffle and 5 full penny boxes were returned all of which will go to fighting the Euro elections.

Thanks to all who attended.

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Anti-gag said...

This is a local blog!

This report, on what was obviously a very successful meeting, should remain the top posting on this blog for at least a week. Local people are interested in local issues which are reported nowhere else. Morg's article is indeed very interesting, but it is not local!

Wigan is a great example of how successful a local group can be, so please please please shout about it.

Chris Hill