Tuesday, 10 February 2009


News in today that the Church of England is to ban clergy from being members of the BNP.
Not much Christian charity there then, although the ban does not stop clergy voting for us.

In their anxiety to be inclusive and accomodating to everybody they have lost sight of what they exist to do, namely promote Christianity.

While membership of the BNP is prohibited, homosexual clergy are tolerated. The Archbishop of Canterbury advocates Sharia Law and C of E schools have separate muslim assemblies.
The church has lost all meaning and purpose. No wonder the churches are becoming increasingly empty and many are closing and turned into mosques when their elderly congregations die.

Muslims stick to their faith and do not dilute it to suit modern society.
The Church of England should do the same if it still believes in Christianity which sometimes I doubt.

We of the BNP should not worry too much about this as the C of E has become an irrelevance and nobody takes much notice of what it says.

An indication of what it should be fighting against (taken from Simon Darby's blog), the beliefs of "The Religion of Peace".

Good news however, we are getting much more publicity in the media and even Prescott and Balls are worried about our progress. They talk about us far more than they do about the Lib Dems.
We are getting there!


Anti-gag said...

Brownie pointers are now not only infesting the top brass of our police forces, but their civilian employees as well. I've been CofE since I was born and I went to a CofE school, in fact my family have been protestant for as far back as I can trace (circa late 1600's).

Well if this intimidation and indoctrination is what the church now represents, they can keep it. I've put up with their nonsense for long enough. An organisation that wants me to believe a man: turned water into wine, walked on water, feed 5000 people with just a couple of loaves and fishes etc. An organisation that believes god wrote a book that demands we stone: homosexuals, rebellious daughters, and anyone who works on a Sunday, then tells us to ignore it. An organisation that believes we should hand children over to homosexual couples for adoption.

Is it any wonder then that these gullible people fall for this latest attempt at state indoctrination?

Well from now on I'm with Richard Dawkins, let's have separation of church and state (something I never thought I'd say).

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

Given that a local blog is as much a legitimate source of news as is a local newspaper (although admittedly not as yet as widely read), the contributors to this blog are as much journalist as are the staff of any local newspaper.

Would it not be possible for one of the Wigan editors to phone (better still visit) the local vicar and get an interview with him about his views on this ban?

Local news is what a local blog should be about, and to get that news it will sometimes be necessary to go out and find it.

You're journalists now (OK you're still amateur journalists, but journalists non the less), so go get that first scoop.

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

I do occasionally meet our local rector and if I get the chance will mention it to him. I do know we have support among people wh are involved in church activity and the banning of vicars will not have any effect on us.
Like you I was brought up C of E and educated at a church school and like you I find much of the dogma of the Church unbelievable.
However I don't think we should debate the logic or otherwise of any faith be it Christian, muslim or any other faith. The fact is that our country, its laws and culture are founded and based on Christianity and any other faith is a usurper to our being as a nation.
Even though not now a believer I still have a feeling of warmth and peace when I visit a church, illogical and a result of indoctrination you may say but it is part of my being as an Englishman.
The vicars are just a cabal of politically correct fools and of no consequence. I shall therefore continue to support the Church and ignore them.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

In the cold light of day you make some good points, and maybe we can show the Church the way.

Tradition is our heritage, but truth is truth to everyone, regardless of heritage. When the two clash there can be no dispute on which much adapt to the other.

CofE has been our faith for about 500 years. The truth does not need faith, and has been around for thirteen billion years.

Our cry must be: heritage yes, mind control NO!

Chris Hill