Saturday, 28 February 2009


So here we have it in glorious red, our local Labour MPs champions of the workers and Britain, all voting with the government to sell 30% of the Royal Mail to a foreign company.

So much for their concerns for the British workers, community or economy.

Our self styled "Socialist" MP for Makerfield has sold his soul for pieces of silver,not for the first time (remember his £111,000 per year for his part time job helping to decommission the Sellafield nuclear plant) well he did fry a few eggs before he landed his overpaid MPs job.

Not much could be expected of Neil Turner, Wigan's invisible MP. He just follows his masters like a lap dog.

Pretty boy Andy Burnham is young enough not to rock the boat while stabbing his constituents in the back. He is young enough to expect a job in the future shadow cabinet so he must not blot his copy book must he?

The arguments for part privatisation of Royal Mail are spurious. Yes more efficiencies have to be made and there is competition from e mail, but why can these improvements not be done within Royal Mail?. Presumably any firm buying a share would expect to make a profit so why can it not be done within the present company and we, the people have any future profit?

Post Office staff not productive enough, OK sack the bosses, they are supposed to be running the business, and get better ones.
Not enough money? There is an unlimited amount to bail out the banks, why not the Post Office.

We as a country have lived for too long by selling off "the family silver" and look where it has got us. The only ones to profit have been the thieves of the city of London and now Mandelson's mates want to do it again while the rest of us suffer.

An remember in Germany the Deutsch Post is very profitable but it costs 96 pence to post a letter.
Our MPs, Socialists? My a**e.

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