Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Wigan's MP today launched an attack on the banks for tightening the screw on struggling JJB Sports - and jeopardising thousands of jobs.


So, Neil Turner's angry about the jobs situation is he? Do you want to know how angry he and the rest of the Labour Party really are? To paraphrase from 'Gone With the Wind' - frankly my dear, they don't give a damn.

A new power station is being built in Nottinghamshire: of the 850 construction jobs available, over 500 are going to Poles, Romanians, Portuguese and Spanish workers.

A Department for Business and Enterprise spokesman said: “The EU enables companies from one member state to bid for contracts in another and bring their own workforce on a temporary basis.

What was it our excuse for a human-being Prime Minister said? Ah yes, that's right: "British jobs for British workers". Now go back a paragraph and read again what A Department for Business and Enterprise spokesman said. Do you suppose for even one minute that the Prime Minister wasn't fully aware of that when he said what he said about British jobs and British workers? He is an out-and-out liar (so sue me - LIAR!). My mother always used to say "Better a thief than a liar", on the grounds that with a thief you at least knew exactly where you stood ... but with a liar ...?


Now you're asking yourselves: what has this to do with Wigan and Neil Turner?

Well, do you think for even a minute that Neil Turner too isn't fully aware of what A Department for Business and Enterprise spokesman knows? And that being the case how can we believe he cares a damn about any job in Wigan other than his own? What does he know would happen if there was a large 850-man construction project here in Wigan? Wigan, Lancashire, Manchester - even the county of my birth Anglesey (read about Anglesey Aluminium Works - the biggest, best, and best paying employer on the island - closing soon ) would be no different from Nottinghamshire.

Why are these things happening? European Union regulations. Banks collapsing because of lousy regulation by the Bank of England and the F.S.A.? Well, only up to a point Lord Copper. You see, A.A. on Anglesey is closing because EU regulations ban its electricity supplier from giving discounts on its new electricity contract; they say that commercially they would be happy to do it, as previously, but now EU regulations ban it. As the electricity supplier said: "There's been no breakdown in the relationship between ourselves and Anglesey Aluminium but we have explained to them the situation. "We cannot extend the current contract with them due to new European legislation on providing subsidies to private companies." Why is the bank regulation by the FSA so poor? Well, the FSA has to work under EU regulations. The Labour party and Mr Turner know this - so why is he attacking the banks about JJB?

It's because of EU regulations that the Labour party signed up to that the Nottinghamshire jobs scandal is happening and would happen here too in like circumstances, that our largest aluminium works is closing (the second biggest plant, in Cumbria, is also soon to close and for the same reason), that the banks are so poorly regulated, and that JJB is having the finance trouble seen recently. Mr Turner knows all this.

Wigan MP is angry? No - Wigan MP knows he soon has to face the electorate, that's all. He couldn't care a damn about anyone's job but his own.

Vote BNP; you know it makes sense.

Especially vote BNP for the upcoming Euro-elections. Send BNP MEPs to Brussels so they can root out all the EU spanners and drop them in the works.



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