Saturday, 3 January 2009


The idiotic Hazel Blears is worried that "myths" about immigrants are driving working class people to support the "Far Right"
Let us examine these "myths"
1 Asylum seekers and other immigrants get priority in housing.
Hazel says this is not true. But immigrants are living in council accomodation while Wiganers wait for years. She says many are in private accomodation, but who pays for this? Who pays for the kitchen equipment,fuel bills and garden maintenance? The hard working taxpayer who has to foot his own bills.
2 They do not take jobs from British people.
Well how does she explain "positive discrimination" where ethnic minorities are given preference for jobs? and wages driven down
3 They do not adversley affect our towns.
Well she has obviously never been to towns such as Bolton or Blackburn.
She thinks white people are being unreasonable in objecting to this massive change to our society and feels they need educating so that they will accept her views and not embrace the policies of the BNP.
4 They believe it is "racist" to complain about these matters, in other words we have lost our freedom of speech.
She, although not the brightest star in the sky knows that she is talking rubbish but is trying to mask the true intentions of her government to irreversibly transform our country and add millions of immigrants who will vote Labour. She is in other words A LIAR. In the meantime true Labour voters have been betrayed and their standard of living reduced.
Well she can't fool the British people any more. We can see through her.
She has only brought this up because of the obvious rise in support for the BNP and she fears for her and her traiterous colleagues' jobs.
WHO SAYS THE BNP IS A SMALL INSIGNIFICANT PARTY? when we are putting the fear of God into these second class politicians who have never done a real job.
It shows our growing influence. At present they are trying to hide the facts but doing nothing about the problem. However the people can see through them and they can see the writing on the wall

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

MP for Salford. She'll be out of a job after the next general election.

I call her PD. Stands for Poison Dwarf.