Sunday, 18 January 2009


This week Parliament votes on whether or not to suppress details of M.P.s expenses, despite promising future openness on the matter after the recent spate of scandals surrounding this topic.

Tonight I wrote to our Wigan M.P., Mr Neil Turner about the upcoming vote. Here is a copy of what I wrote:

Subject: Upcoming vote on disclosure/non-disclosure of Members’ expenses.

Kindly note that there is much general dismay at your Government's intention to suppress detailed disclosure of Members' expenses despite having promised to do so for the avoidance of both abuse and its suspicion, and in particular Mr Straw's intention to alter Freedom of Information law in order to facilitate this.

There is no legitimate reason that Parliamentarians should be exempted from the duty imposed, rightly, on all other public servants, to account to taxpayers for their money that you spend.

This attempt to suppress information about expenses arouses even more suspicion of abuse than had you said nothing, and just left things as they were before recent scandals became public knowledge. This will be seen as yet another nail in the coffin of Parliament’s barely surviving reputation for integrity.

Why on Earth do you wonder about the apathy of voters, about the low regard in which you are all collectively held, or wonder why the British National Party is steadily increasing its support nationwide? In this matter of expenses (amongst much else), you are all collectively held up as objects of derision.

The remedy is in the hands of yourself and your fellow Parliamentarians, who would do well to consider who employs you, and why.

You would also do well to remember that your employers observe you and, drawing their own conclusions from your actions, will, in their turn vote accordingly at the appropriate time. It is already noted that your share of the vote in this constituency has steadily dropped since you were first elected.

We do not know how you, personally, intend to vote in this matter so, for now, we give you the benefit of the doubt. Bear in mind though, that along with numerous other people, we will check, and publish; whether to your credit or discredit.

As far as you are concerned, though, the public at large will not distinguish between Members who vote honourably in this matter and those who do not. The inevitable upshot is that suspicion of abuse will fall upon you all if this attempt at suppression is successful.

Henry Morgan
Wigan British National Party
Treasurer and Election Agent.

I suggest all our readers in Wigan write a similar (not identical as that would be seen as 'spam') letter to whichever of our three M.P.s represents you. I further suggest that all our readers from elsewhere write to their own M.P., about this topic, wherever that may be. Thanking you in advance.

To make it easy for you to write to your M.P., just click on the following link:

I picked up the details of this matter from the blog of the leader of the Libertarian Party. Please vist and follow the links he has provided in order to get all the details of what our Parliamentarians are trying to do to stop us finding out how they spend our money.

The Libertarian Party - the only political party other than ourselves that supports our right to exist and to believe what we do believe. The only party that may be our opponent, but is not our enemy. Remember that when we are the elected government of our country.

Don't forget - write! Write now! That's right - right now!





Sir Henry Morgan said...

I made a mistake in the second link; you will arrive at the comments, so you will have to scroll up to read it. Otherwise, the link will take you to the correct place.


Red Squirrel said...

Well Put Sir Henry,
A valuable suggestion for all! Write to our MPs,and freely express ourselves on this and many other issues!
I shall add this link to my sites, but at present I am too angry to write one myself.

the doctor said...

As a near neighbour of yours can I say that this is just what we expect from the three pieces of crap that " represent " us in Wigan . May they all rot in Hell .

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hello Doctor, and welcome to our little blog. I have a desktop shortcut to yours.

I've encountered you here and there on the net over the past couple of years. I didn't know you were a near neighbour of mine though. You definitely have the advantage on me.

As it happens, I don't particularly mind that - encountering people who know who I am (but I don't know who they are) and what my politics are is a regular occurrence recently- and I encounter a strange - or maybe not so strange these days - lack of hostility.

How much would you care to bet that Mr Turner will vote to keep his expenses details secret? Have you seen how much he draws in expenses? Look here:

Scroll to the bottom of the page. In 2006/7 he drew just under £150,000.

the doctor said...

Sir Henry , I have not kept up the blog recently , a combination of work and not wishing to put my anger into words . My job is in a sensitive area and so my un-pc views would not go down well , so I tend to hide behind my persona . Likewise I have seen your name on other blogs
, possibly Cranmer , and have appreciated your point of view .