Friday, 2 January 2009


First of all happy New Year to all especially my fellow patriots.
Unfortunately there will be no celebrations for the family of Corporal Liam Elms from Wrightington who was killed on Boxing Day in Afganistan.
There will be no picture of him on this blog out of respect.

Poor lad, he signed up to defend his country and was sent to a barbarous place in an unjust war and has paid with his life.
I don't know how the traitors of this government and their Tory supporters sleep in their beds at this needless sacrifice of some of our best young people while at the same time allow people supportive of the ones who killed him into our country.
Much of the terrorism in the West is a reaction to our actions in the Middle East and our continued presence and meddling in other countries affairs.
But our politicians and their wealthy supporters are in no danger. Their kids are not sent out to face the music. Perhaps if they did we would not be involved.
They do not have to compete here for houses, jobs or fear terrorism like ordinary people.
And now our country is an economic basket case as predicted by us.
I despise them.
Someday we will exact justice. They will pay for their betrayal OF OUR PEOPLE.

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