Friday, 12 December 2008


I wonder whether they'll pretend they don't understand the "N" ... or the "O"?

And when do we get the second pop at it a la Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum?

These people really are arrogant enough to think they know better than you do.



Anti-gag said...

This isn't a good result for common sense, but it is a democratic one. OK now that the congestion charge has been killed off what are the other solutions to the traffic problem?

This solution is now dead, but the problem is still getting worse, so the onuses is now on those who led the 'SAY NO' campaign to come up with an acceptable solution. What next?

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You're wrong Chris, it's the only result for common sense. I'll explain:

Do you seriously trust that lying scum that runs our country - locally or nationally? They say they want to set up the congestion charge scheme (which is only the basis for the national road charging scheme they want to push through - which they estimate will bring in £28 billion a year by 2025) then use the takings to set up a first class public transport system. THEY LIE!

They want to add to their general take in taxes, that's all, which they will then use for their own little schemes locally, nationally and to their corrupt friends abroad in India, Pakistan and various countries in Africa. The first class public transport locally and nationally will never materialise - if you believe it ever will materialise, then I have a handle on a toll bridge you may be interested in paying cash-in-hand for.

In addition, part of the reason for the charging schemes is so that those to whom £1200/year is peanuts aren't caught up in congestion caused by we plebs, and they can cruise around in their jags and rollers to their hearts' content.

Beginning to see the picture?

If they want the road charging locally and nationally then they can FIRST put together the first class public transport system (and make it affordable), THEN talk about introducing local and national road charging, and vote on it.

We've already been taken for suckers too many times by the scumbags.

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

Yes of course there were problems with this proposals, as there are with all political solutions.

However I don't think the argument that the money raised, by this scheme, might not be directed into public transport is enough to justify rejecting this solution. That's an argument to elect honest politicians, and monitor fiscal policies very closely.

But all that's history now, let look to other solutions. These must include a massive injection of public money (ie taxes) into public transport. Because without that all or roads will simply jam up!

Chris Hill