Saturday, 29 November 2008


An interesting, successful but cold day of action in Liverpool today in support of the "Liverpool Thirteen" who were wrongly arrested last Saturday for distributing perfectly legal leaflets. That no offense was comitted was shown by all charges being dropped by the police this morning.
Those arrested were informed by letter delivered at 8 am this morning, a peevish thing to do so early on a Saturday when some were still in bed. Some feared being rearrested.
Good news though and an admission that in spite of their worst efforts they conceded defeat.
ONE TO US! but perhaps the thought of hundreds of our members turning up in Liverpool had a bearing.
If they thought the demonstration would be cancelled they were wrong, especially as many activists were already on their way.

After meeting up by St George's Hall the good natured group of about 250, carrying flags and leaflets walked down to Church Street with a heavy police escort, un necessary as far as we were concerned as we were not bent on trouble.

In Church Street we found the police holding a rowdy rabble of students and trash of all sorts and colours shouting "off our streets". By their accents it was evident that they were not Liverpudlians and the streets were in fact ours. It is ironic to be told to get off the streets of your native city by people from elsewhere and an indication of what awaits our people if this mad immigration policy is not stopped and reversed.

We had a good response from the shoppers and at the request of the police moved back to St Georges Hall for a short speech by Pete Molloy, one of the "Thirteen", followed by an address by Nick Griffin who thanked all our supporters for their effort and solidarity. He also thanked the police for their efficiency and expressed the hope that relations would improve in future.

I doubt if the Searchlight brigade had any such courtesy, but then three of them were arrested while none of ours were as we believe in peaceful promotion of our views.

At the end of the proceedings in the city the "Truth Truck" drove down Lime Street followed by two "A" frames carrying the BNP logo.
Many then attended an after protest get together at a well known pub but those of us who had travelled by train were unable to go, so we returned to the station tired but satisfied at a job well done.
I hesitate to guess what the police costs were, but our effort has surely made them think twice before persecuting us again and the chief who ordered the arrests must be regretting it.



Anti-gag said...

This is good news. But readers should be aware that the 4 other Lancashire members, arrested the week before the Liverpool 13, are still on bail and have not yet been told that they are in the clear. These four members may well still be on bail during the Christmas holidays.

Chris Hill

Jeannine said...

It was great seeing everyone in Liverpool Saturday. We did go to the social afterwards, but it consisted of only around eighty to ninety people since most of the others had too far to travel. I spoke to some of the London crowd and they'd been on the road since 0500.