Sunday, 23 November 2008


All figures are from January 21st 2008. Any pay increases during 2008 are in addition.

Susan Lowe. Director of Legal and Property Services. 2006-2007 Salary - £107,007 (Includes election fees £313)

Bob Saunders. Executive Director (Interim). 2006-2007 Salary - £110,174 (Includes election fees £150)

Martin Kimber. Director of Environmental Services. 2006-2007 Salary - £117,019

Ged Rowney. Director of Children and Young Peoples Services. (2005-2006 Salary - £118,877). 2006-2007 Salary - £126,995. (Pay rise = 6.8%)

Bernard Walker. Director of Adult Services. (2005-2006 Salary - £127,723). 2006-2007 Salary - £131,488. (Pay rise = 2.9%)

David Smith. Director of Finance and IT. (2005-2006 Salary - £122,615). 2006-2007 Salary - £132,871. (Pay rise = 8.4%) (Includes election fees £184; remuneration as Treasurer to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority £unspecified – So that’s £132,871 for a part-timer. He has two jobs, and has salary in addition to that noted here)

Frank Costello. Deputy Chief Executive. (2005-2006 Salary - £118,863). 2006-2007 Salary - £135,643. (Pay rise = 14.1%) (Includes election fees £313)

Joyce Redfearn. Chief Executive (2005-2006 Salary - £157,918). 2006-2007 Salary - £191,557. (Pay rise = 21.3%) (Includes election fees £6,409; remuneration as Clerk to the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority £unspecified. - So that’s £191,557 for a part-timer. She has two jobs, and has salary in addition to that noted here. And … well…£6,409 in election fees. Speechless!!! I wonder how much the person with REAL responsibility for ensuring the correct and smooth running of elections – Anne Loftus - gets in election fees? A small fraction of that, I would hazard to guess. Yet it’s Anne Loftus’s head that will roll if an election goes pear-shaped).

I’ve lived in Wigan for four and a half years. In that time I’ve never once had cause to complain about my rubbish collection; so in my experiece our dustbinmen do a good job. I wonder how much they get paid and what percentage pay rise they got between 2005-2006 and 2006-2007? Let me hazard another guess here: it was nowhere near £191,557 part-time, and nowhere near a 21.3% pay rise.

And bear in mind that even 100% of next to nothing is still only next to nothing, whereas 10% of two-hundred grand is a considerable salary all on its own.



Anti-gag said...

£191,557 for a part time job, makes me want to move down south again.

Overpaid southerners!

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Hi Everyone,

I've just taken a trip (in cyber space that is) to Liverpool's BNP blog, it looks really good.

Wigan's stories are more local granted, and they certainly are really well written (short and full of local content), top marks there. But can you improve the look a bit? A new banner with local photos, and perhaps even a short local intro video.

The party should introduce a price each year for the most effective blog in terms of both recruiting and vote winning.

Keep it local.

Well done to both Merseyside & Wigan BNP.
Chris Hill