Wednesday, 19 November 2008


This afternoon has been extremely busy with phone calls.
After visiting a member I was phoned by a reporter from the Daily Mail regarding the membership leak.
I am always aware of the ulterior motives of the press but thought it better to show that rather than being ashamed of my membership, was proud to be not only a member but the local organiser.
He asked me why the Labour or Tory party was not for me. I told him that I had been a Labour councillor but that the party had lost its way and betrayed its roots and the Tories were out of touch and had no policies.

I asked him that if 10% of the Chinese population (130 million)was suddenly made up of immigrants what would the Chinese do and he agreed it would be a problem.
I told him I sympathised with the Native Americans who had been replaced as well as the Amazonian Indians and said I did not want us to be replaced.

I told him I was not racist and that in the past I had been on holiday with Asians but that we had agreed that this is our country and they should return to their own

I also mentioned the tax regime here which had caused businesses to move abroad and good jobs to be lost here. I had no objections to foreigners coming here to do essential jobs if needed and there were no British people to do them but we should have first choice and citizenship should never be given.
He then asked whether he could take a photo and I agreed as I am proud to represent the Party.

He rang later and spoke to Susan who told him she thought Nick was "marvellous" and the most intelligent politician in Britain. She said she objected to Christmas being replaced by "Winterval" etc and that we are losing our culture and that even her grandson when visiting London remarked that there were no English people.

The photographer then came and took several photos with a George Cross background, after I had combed my hair.
He seemed a reasonable man. I said I expected the usual hatchet job but he said I could complain or sue if I had been misquoted.

So there we have it, possibly in tomorrow's Mail. You heard it here first and the truth of what was said.


I think all this could bring us a lot of votes and rebound on the anti British Labour Party.


Anti-gag said...


Well done Charles & Sue. I'm sure if it is published it will be a real vote winner. I'll certainly buy the Mail tomorrow.

Chris Hill

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

And what a lovely picture it is too Charles!

Scroll down a little and hey presto! Charles and Susan.

It's the combing of the hair that made it work Charles.

Only a couple of short paragraphs to accompany the lovely couple's picture.