Monday, 17 November 2008


I am still recovering after a superb conference. Unfortunately we were unable to stay, entailing travelling both days.
Three of us went from Wigan, Me, Susan and Chris Hilton, Gary Chadwick unfortunately being ill.

It was a great pleasure to meet old friends again in the usual friendly and civilised atmosphere prevailing at Conference.
The Saturday was as usual taken up with training seminars and we learnt much about leaflet design, computer use and public speaking. All seminars were presented in an interesting manner, there was no danger of falling asleep but now my job is to remember and put into practice what I learnt.

A full schedule prevented us from attending all the seminars and by "close of play" on Saturday we returned home too tired to even read the paper, knowing we had to be up first thing to return for the debates.
An excellent innovation this year was the proceedings being broadcast on the computer and for a short time before retiring to bed I was able to see what I was missing in the evenings entertainment on the computer.

In the early afternoon the usual march past of assorted deadlegs went by and as usual were ignored. If they were shouting slogans they were wasting their time as they were inaudible inside the hotel. It must be frustrating for them to travel so far to walk past drawn curtains and get no response but the sea air possibly cleared their heads from the effects of the previous day's drugs.

Following Sunday service conducted by Rev West the debates started.
The first motion, put by the chairman which basically stated that we should preserve our national assets and free ourselved from the stranglehold of the banks in order to develop British industry was carried unanimously.

Most motions were carried either unanimously or overwhelmingly indeed it was difficult in some cases to find people to oppose them. That is not to say there was no debate and several amendments were added.
As usual anyone who wished to make a point had the opportunity to do so and the different slants on options alerted us to aspects and implications we had not considered.
For me this is the pleasure of these occasions, being stimulating intellectually and thought providing.
The standard of debate was as good or better than ever and the fact that it was broadcast live showed the confidence of the Party in the quality of its delegates. I did not realise at the time it was being broadcast and was somewhat taken aback when Gary Chadwick said he saw me speak from the comfort of his home. I hope I did not say anything untoward and let Wigan down.
I found myself thinking during the debate whether the other parties could have debated publicly in such an intelligent and civilised manner.
One motion concerning the "Bill of Rights" and the Monarchy was defeated.

As usual, following the debates we were treated to the closing speech by the Chairman who entered the hall to the strains of the hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers" which I thought was very apt. Whatever our individual beliefs we have been formed by the Christian tenets and our laws and society built on them and the singing of the hymn was a demonstration of our British unity.

Nick's speech was as usual inspiring. He referred to the way the banks had become the masters and not the servants of the country and the greed and profligacy perpetrated by them had and would hit all members of our society(apart from the mega rich) and would impact severely on the poor.
He prophesied that we would continue our progress and in a way the financial disaster caused by Brown would help people to see that we are the only party committed to the prosperity of all in our country.
The meeting closed with the usual emotional rendering of "Jerusalem" which always brings tears to my eyes.

P.S I have a DVD of the Leigh meeting and Nick's closing speech (on one DVD) which will be available at Thursday's meeting or by phoning me at the number at the top of the blog.


Anti-gag said...

While Griffin was mouthing off at the conference last weekend, about how wonderful a leader he is, the entire BNP membership list was being handed over (Sold?) to ANaL. That full, and up-to-date, membership list is now on line for the world to see.

Now personally it doesn't bother me at all if my name is known to one and all as a BNP member, but for others it could cost them their jobs. The list includes the BNP own notes next to the individual members name, which include comments like 'Police officer', 'Civil servant' etc.

Griffin made a big point last year (when he expelled many good members for trying to modernise the party) of saying that some had been responsible for security leaks, but clearly the informer is still in the fold. Will Griffin now apologise to those wrongly accused and reinstate them immediately? I hope he will, but in truth I don't think he has the strength of character to do so.

One final point, when Griffin claimed (at the EGM in August) that the party had almost 10,000 fully paid up members, he was lying. The actual number was less than 7000.

BNP security is now in a shambles, and the party needs a competent CEO not a show business. personality. in charge.

Anti-gag said...

That full BNP membership list (which is now in the public domain) contains 12,215 names (not including family members under 18). By my reckoning of those in the Lancaster area, far more than half were lapsed members by 2007 and do not have a rejoining note attached to their details (ie. they’re still lapsed). There is no reason why the Lancaster area is any different from any other, so as of August 2008 we had only about 6000 paid up members! This is not an old membership list, the latest entry is dared July 2008.

When Griffin claimed (at the EGM) in August this year that the membership was approaching 10,000 he was lying, it’s that simple. The 5% nomination mark needed to stand against him for the leadership, now becomes almost 10%, and given the revolving door membership situation this may well relate to something like 20% of the members with the required two years standing. Griffin is a dictator, and a bloody incompetent one at that!

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

While Griffin was mouthing off at the conference last weekend, about how wonderful a leader he is, the entire BNP membership list was being handed over (Sold?) to ANaL. That full, and up-to-date, membership list is now on line for the world to see.


One Love said...
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Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

So the coward anti-gag has finally reached an all-time low, by being involved in the release of the party membership details!!!

Well done Chris Hill!! I always thought you were a little unstable and you've proven to me without a shadow of a doubt to be correct.

Do you really think that by using illegal means to leak the membership list to the media is going to ruin us and promote your left-wing ideology??? Of course not and you really should of known it!

We will grow and continue to grow in the light of the latest publicity issue.

Do you know what Chris? I actually feel quite sorry for you. Your mental and emotional imbalance really needs sorting out mate!

Fortunately, I am going to have real good laugh at this predicament! I certainly hope others out there who know you, will take the same line, and realise you are actually a poorly chap and take it easy on you mate!!

And that is not a threat, when you mess with people whom you don't know they may just take a different line to that of mine?

In the meantime, I ask Lanky and Sir Henry to ban you from this sight!

Anti-gag said...

Dear Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist.

I’ve just now spotted your last post, wooooo!

How am I reasonable for, or even involved in, the release of this membership list?

As for my mental imbalance, you shouldn’t believe everything my physiatrist says about me. You see he’s part of a world wide conspiracy against me. I would say more but it’s time for my medication.

Keep well.
Chris Hill