Tuesday, 14 October 2008


An excellent meeting was held in St Helens last night with Nick Griffin as guest speaker. His talk was topical being mainly concerned with the "credit crunch" and what the BNP would have done.
The first thing we would not have done (to quote the Irish man) would not to have been starting from here. The unregulated greed of the bankers played a big part in the crisis and Nick explained the danger we are in having had our manufacturing industry destroyed. This meant that when the shuffling of pieces of paper around ceases to be profitable we have little to fall back on.
He also explained that although there would probably be a slight recovery it would be temporary and there were still many hidden debts which would haunt us in the future. Also taxes would be increased to pay for the banks rescue.

Nick has an uncanny knack of forecasting problems before the "experts" see them and his detail of the trough the country is in is somewhat worrying. However the financial scandal has shown the incompetence of the other parties and people will increasingly realise the other parties have no viable policies and that only we know what to doand our support will grow.

His immediate solution was in some ways similar to the one I suggested in my last blog, namely protecting small investors mortgagees and businesses and let the bankers bear the losses they caused.

Afterwards there was a question and answer session where he gave his opinion on a variety of topics from foreign lorries to accomodation for soldiers to party image.

I have made a DVD of the speech. If anyone wants one please ring me on 01744 892430, or come to our next meeting on Thursday 23/10/08.

Nick's speeches are always inspirational and I feel it a pleasure to meet someone whose opinions I so closely identify with. To have your party leader as that person is something few people in other parties can imagine.

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Anti-gag said...

Nick Griffin is certainly one of the most charismatic personalities in British politics today, and he does have the ability to recognise the problems our society is currently experiencing. The problem with Nick Griffin is that he is not able to build the party into an effective alternative to either Labour or the Conservatives.

The BNP does not need a show-business personality as its leader; it needs an effective Chief Executive who can oversee the construction of an effective management structure, and turn the BNP into a party that the British people will feel comfortable voting for. This Griffin has clearly failed to do.

With last week's by-elections resulted in a maximum vote (Herne Bay) of 7.7% and a minimum of under 1% (27 votes in Haringey), it is clear from these that the party is losing ground not advancing as we should be. The Haringey vote would have been unthinkable just two years ago, and it seems that even 10% is becoming harder to achieve.

For six or seven years (2000-2007) I listened loyally to Griffin’s promises of ‘when things get bad the voters will turn to us’. Well we’re now in what we are told is the worst recession since the 1930’s, but our vote is haemorrhaging away and the voters are simply doing what they have always done at such times, turning to the official opposition party, ie the Tories.

Nick Griffin is indeed a very good speaker, but our country needs more than just words it needs an effective political opposition to the current madness. This Griffin is simply unable to organise.

Supporting Griffin’s incompetent, and ineffective, leadership is in effect selling our nation last chance down the river.

Chris Hill