Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Just a quick reminder that our next meeting of the Wigan Group will be held at the usual venue, tomorrow Thursday 18th September at 8 pm where our guest speaker will be Duncan Warner North West regional secretary.
There will be a bumber edition of VoF available for distribution.
I hope as many people as are able will attend.
Our party is even more relevant in view of the financial turmoil in the markets and the inability of the major parties to find a solution.
Hard times are in prospect for our country owing to the profligate government spending and the uncontrolled greed of the stock market. This latter which the other parties insisted was the bastion of our economy is now probably going to bring it down with all the attendant suffering for all except the speculative bankers who have left with their million pound bonuses.
Bad as the situation is it represents an opportunity for our party and principles. We must use this to our advantage as more people turn to us realising that what we have been forecasting is coming to pass and that for a secure future we must build a sound economy bases on what is best for our country.

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