Tuesday, 2 September 2008


A short extract from Nick Griffin's closing speech at this tear's RWB.
It shows a bit of what we are fighting for and our determination to carry on the struggle.

I have speeches by Jonathan Bowden, Arthur Kemp as well as all of Nick's final speech and will be editing and copying them when my new equipment arrives.

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albion said...

"God Save Our Gracious Queen" Why? She is part of the problem..

She appears to have no allegience to the people of this country whatsoecer.

She dutifully co-signs every EU Treaty that is put in front of her. Why?

Those treaties are passing governance of this country to a unelected cabal of criminals in Brussels. Yes Our future anthem without any doubt should be 'Jerusalem'

A prayer room in Wndsor castle, our royalty are going barking mad!!