Friday, 5 September 2008


Remember the post last week about censorship in the local Wigan media? The Phantom Censor seems to have worn his blue (red in this case ... think about it, as you read the deletion notes) pencil down to a stub. Go visit again and have a look through what is now five pages of comments:

Might be as well to visit here as well, so you can see that it's not just the Wigan media. This is about a newspaper down in Hastings:

We can take a guess at who's responsible here in Wigan. Does Hastings council have an equivalent? Do all councils now have an equivalent?

Well - yes, is the answer.

Casual readers (non-supporters of the BNP): now you know why you think badly of the BNP - the media arranges that the information you get is biased; and it's biased because they forbid you from reading/seeing/hearing the other side of the arguments. And honestly, if you were to read the deleted comments you would see that there was nothing at all offensive about any of them.

I have nearly all of them screen grabbed before deletion, so, would you like me to type them out and post them here? It will take me some time (I'm a two-finger typist), but if you think it's worth it, I'll do it.

Comment facility is available ...uncensored, note. We've never removed a comment from this site, and never will unless the language used fails the 13 test - is it suitable for a 13 yr old to read? - or makes threats in any way.

So who are the Fascists?

As grown-up British people, doesn't it make you just a little bit angry that you're not considered grown up enough to arrive at your own judgements on what other people think and say?


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