Sunday, 3 August 2008

RWB Festival August 15, 16 and 17th.

This is just a reminder that our annual Red,White and Blue festival will take place in two weeks at the same site as last year.
This is in spite of the obsticles put in place by the police and local authorities who have been intimidated by the threats of the fascist Far Left.
We have been deprived of a licence for live music and a bar but this will not detract from the occasion as people can take their own drink which in my opinion will probably taste better.
There will be stalls selling local specialities and all the usual events of a summer festival including childrens attractions and "the fun of the fair",with the added attraction that they will be safe.

The main attraction in my opinion, is to have a weekend or even a day in the company of like minded patriots from all over the country and even abroad, a bonding period, reinforcing our unity of purpose. It is a unique atmosphere where we share our experiences and compare notes and leaves us invigorated for the challenges ahead.

Sunday of course is for the speeches, always very interesting and in many peoples opinion the highlight of the weekend.

In view of the difficulties put in our way for what is really only a summer carnival, I think everybody who can should try to attend should do so.
Safety for all will be assured as our security is more than a match for the unwashed trash who threaten to try to disrupt us. They have not managed it in the past and they will not this year.

We are determined to exert our democratic right to hold our function but we must combine to protect that right, and make the event a success.

So come on folks--Party for Britain!

If anyone needs transport please ring 07779 321542 and I will try to arrange it.

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Anti-gag said...

I'm not going to attend the RWB this year, but I would be interested to hear from anyone in the north west who is intending to attend the EGM and would like to split the fuel costs. I can be contacted on or 01524-64307.

Chris Hill