Thursday, 28 August 2008


First you need to go here and read this. More importantly, you need to scroll down and read the comments. The censored comment – No.4 – was the first half of my single comment, which started in 4, and was continued in comment No.5.

Assuming you have read the entire thing in the link, and so know what this is about, here is the complete comment I posted; what’s above the dotted line is/was the censored comment No.4:

“Ahhh - I see everyone misinterprets the numbers. Nobody asks the question: "WHY is the number of asylum seekers falling?"

So in 2003 there were 921 of them, and now there are only 433. So everyone just assumes that they are all going away again? Sorry to tell you: wrong! And many more came since 2003, too.

The process:

1. You illegally enter the country. (International treaties say you must seek asylum in the nearest safe country ... which means that unless you originate in that circle of European countries on the other side of the North Sea and the English Channel, then we are not your nearest safe country. Hence, illegal entry)

2. You apply for asylum.

3. Asylum is approved (or exceptional leave to remain is granted). Usually.

Step 3 means that you are no longer on the list of asylum seekers and move onto the list of either refugees or those otherwise granted exceptional leave to remain. Both of those things mean that the list of 'Asylum seekers' has reduced. It does not mean the people concerned are not still here, as implied by this story in the paper (and story it is - and a misleading one at that - either deliberately or through ignorance of the process. I wonder which?)

I wonder how long it will be before this comment is removed?

As soon as it goes up, I'll take myself a screen-grab ... just so I will later be able to prove on my local shared blog what is and isn't allowed to be said in the Wigan media. I do know the Wigan BNP was refused access to place a full-page advert at the latest council elections in two Wigan newspapers because a mention in said advert of the plight of the Tibetans was considered unacceptable. I always used to think that the main purpose of the media was to inform. I later came to believe that its purpose is to mislead. Stories like this one, without adequate - or indeed any - explanation of the process relevant to the story only serve to confirm that my later view is nearer correct.


In conjunction with this story should also be told the figures for the changes in numbers, in Wigan, of people granted refugee status and those granted exceptional leave to remain. I'm willing to bet that as numbers of asylum seekers go down, the other categories go up - and stay up.

Also: the private sector is responsible for housing asylum seekers, with central government grants. Who becomes responsible for their housing once they change status as detailed above? And who pays? And are they then still only on £39 a week, or 'subsistence only'?

Is this comment a "Hate Crime", Mr Elliot 'Wigan and Leigh Hate Crime Co-ordinator' Brown? (I have screen grabs of your last contributions to these comment columns, so this time please be a little more careful with what you say. Try a little less gratuitous offence this time. And I hope you have taken some grammar lessons since then).

Mr Brown? “

Censorship in action. Doesn’t comment No.5 in the Observer make a lot more sense now?

So: is comment No.4 more “offensive” than comment No.5? No, of course it isn’t. So why was it censored?

The problem with comment No.4 was that I was explaining to people how the media and politicians use sleight of hand (sleight of language? Sleight of thought?) to fool ordinary people into thinking that things must be getting better, so maybe the Labour party/government/council isn’t so bad after all – maybe still worth voting for. And maybe the immigration problem is cooling off. After all:look everyone, the number of asylum seekers is tailing off – there is an end to it after all.

Most people don’t look any deeper than that. Most people don’t ask that crucial question: Why are the numbers going down. After all, there just seems to be more and more immigrants in the town centre every Saturday. But it must be tailing off because “the paper says so”. So the elites succeed yet again in fooling we proles. I’m not criticising anyone here; this is a perfectly normal way of thinking, especially given the impoverished education we’ve been raised on for the past 20-30 years.

Every time I see sleight of hand like this being practiced by the politicians and media, I will point it out. And I can do that. They made a mistake with me: they let me get a proper education (well, the last Tory government did). They let me go to a quality university in my late thirties (Uni. Of Wales, Bangor) as an undergraduate, where I got good Honours in Psychology. So I do know a little about thinking and behaviour. While I was there I did two years’ of Philosophy, including logic, which means I can detect the tricks involved in deceit, and am able to point them out. I also studied a full year of Linguistics, so know a little about Language and how it’s used. In addition, did two years’ Statistics to well past ‘A’ level, and Philosophy of Science.

Then I went to an even better university (Uni. Of Birmingham, Edgbaston) as a postgraduate student, where I studied Cognitive Science (calls itself the Science of the Mind, but in reality is the science of using knowledge of the mind to program computers to do clever things). Students of other subjects thought we were a bunch of weirdos – they were probably right. We studied: the mind, the brain all the way down to molecular functioning level, memory, more philosophy, more logic at a higher level, more linguistics, computer science – a whole tangle of stuff that we had to integrate.

A potted history of Morg’s education – not bad for someone who officially left school with nothing (stopped going at 13 and got a job in a bakery) at 15 and immediately enlisted the day after leaving. Smart move – Enlisted as an aircraft technician apprentice … what are known as ‘Trenchard’s Brats’, or ‘Halton Brats’. So by the end of my teens I was a qualified aircraft Instruments and Electrical Tech. Over years of work I found myself forced to learn about Nav. systems, Radio etc. Basically, if it is touched by electricity, it’s mine, including just about everything in the cockpit.

So, despite being raised a prole and getting almost nothing out of school, Morg is no one’s fool. I’m not saying the politicos and media will never pull a fast one on me, but they will have to work harder at it than the Wigan Observer did with that asylum seekers article. What a load of tosh it was.

The Wigan Observer (and group) is the paper that refused to allow the BNP to run two full-page ads at last May’s council elections. The excuse they gave was our reference to the plight of the Tibetan people as they are being colonised by China.

Wigan Observer group, we are monitoring you (as you no doubt monitor us). Let’s have less bull shall we, a bit more factual reporting when it comes to political matters, and full explanations of what’s happening when you cite numbers like the dodgy set in that article. Stop treating the native Wiganers like the fools Elliot Brown thinks they are. Every time you do that, and we see it, we’ll correct you first in your own comments. If you delete the correction, we’ll correct you here on this weblog. Between myself and Lanky, on this weblog we can muster an education and life experiences that most of your people can only dream of. You watch the BNP, the BNP watches you. We are not a party of knuckledraggers, as usually portrayed in the media.

If anyone wants a copy of the screen grab I took of that entire Wigan Observer page, if you don't know me and require PROOF that I'm telling the truth here (which includes the comments before the censorship, and after it), just email me via my "Contributors" button, and I'll send you a copy by return email.



Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Well Done Sir Henry! Excellent post. I'd been watching this one myself from work and you can certainly pass on the deleted comment to me!
I just wish I'd have been a little more quicker and astute at saving the deleted comments on this post a number of day's ago!

All the 11 previous submitted comments where legitimate! I have saved No:12 in case that gets deleted as well!

the cowards have been at it again deleting posts they don't agree with, but are too afraid to voice their own opinions so nobody else is allowed to voice theirs , have these dictators never heard of freedom of speech ? don't they realise they can only supress the truth for so long ?

Well done!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Sensitive stories, contentious comments - take an immediate screen grab. Then take more grabs as the comments develop. Am about to email you my screen grabs for this article I commented on.

I've just been to the page you referred to - the comments are ALL deleted. Is that some sort of record? I saw the first few of them when the story first came out. I suppose some people could have considered them insensitive (not me though), but that's no reason to censor. And what's wrong with being insensitive? As you know, I've lived here a little over four years now, and I like the place. Why? Well, it's not for the architectural grandeur, or the stunning views from my terraced street in Wigan West. No, the reason I like it here is because people speak their mind (I suspect I might like parts of Yorkshire too, if I lived there, and for the same reason (hang on while I go put my steel helmet and body armour on). It's part of being a Lancashireman, or Yorkshireman isn't it (or woman for both - wouldn't want the women hammering me as well).

But speaking your mind is frowned on these days isn't it, in happy-clappy multi-culti diverse modern Britain. You'd think people had a right to go through life without ever being offended. No one has that right. I get offended every day - but I'm a grown-up, so it takes me all of ... oh ... two minutes to get over it. I certainly wouldn't think of suing anyone, or going to the police over it. And I would never censor because of it. Who has ever been censored here on the Wigan BNP site? Threats we would censor, foul language we MIGHT censor - but just for being insensitive and perhaps causing some sensitive soul to feel offended? Never.

On this blog you are permitted to be a Lancashireman, or whatever. We are not trying to drive any culture into oblivion - the happy-clappy crowd use censorship as THEIR weapon of choice. It only indicates they have no answers to criticism.

People who are easily offended should just grow a skin, and grow up. And if anyone is offended by something - well I don't see that as anyone else's problem but the offended person. Get over it in two minutes like I do. Grow up

Oh, and I suspect whoever is responsible for the deletion of those 11 comments, is the same person - and I suspect it is just one person - responsible for the deletion of mine today. How do the letters E.B. stack up?

We HAVE to get our country back to normal.

Lanky Patriot said...

Well done Morgan.
It shows where their sympathies lie.
Free speech is not allowed. Could it be because they can not back up their opinions or that they don't coincide with those of their Common Purpose bosses?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Common Purpose ... ah yes. Go and have a root around all the links on this site and see how deeply embedded it is in our country. OUR country! The list of CPers, and the jobs they do, in the BBC alone, is indicative of how deeply embedded it is in the media. And that list is only the ones so far discovered. This is a site worth supporting for the work it does:

Also, I believe journalists are lazy. They just publish as news what people and organisations give them as press releases. How many serious investigative jpurnalists are there these days? The John Pilgers of today are few and far between - and whatever you may think of Pilger and the slant he puts on his work, you have to admit he is a serious investigative journalist. Panorama is a shadow of what it used to be; World in Action no longer exists; Despatches is trying its best to hold a line, but is under severe pressure.

We have to get this country back to normal in so many ways. One of the measures of the normality I have in mind is a media that does a bit more than just regurgitate press releases and claim them as news.

Anti-gag said...

Leigh, lancashire nationalist Said:

'the cowards have been at it again deleting posts they don't agree with, but are too afraid to voice their own opinions so nobody else is allowed to voice theirs , have these dictators never heard of freedom of speech ? don't they realise they can only supress the truth for so long ?'

I say:

Dear Leigh, lancashire nationalist, given your own record of censoring legitimate comments on your blog, isn't this a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anti-gag said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anti-gag said...

This is a direct quote by 'leigh, lancashire nationalist' from his blog


Dear anti-gag,

Until you write something that is positive and in conjunction with the plight of the nationalist movement here in Britain, your anti-Griffin rants will not be posted here.



That comment was posted after I had tried to post relevant criticism of the EGM's changes to the constitution, and Griffin's leadership of the party. Nothing I wrote could possibly be described as a rant, but despite that my posts were rejected by the blog's editor one 'leigh, lancashire nationalist'.

If you want freedom of speech and expression, as I do, you can not deny it to others but demand it for yourself. Well you can of course, but you risk being labelled as hypocritical if you do.

Free speech for one must mean free speech for all.

Chris Hill

All my comments above apply only to none violent opinions of course.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Chris, aka 'anti-gag'

The sole reason I will not allow your continuing rants anymore; is purely and simply because of your own mindset regarding the current leadership of the British National Party and therefore you will not gain your proponent on my blog. It is not through denial of freedom of speech; but purely on the principle that you have no rhetoric that offers support to the relevant indigenous populace of our isles that we so wish to represent.

Unfortunately, your agenda runs against the grain of nationalism at this moment in time; and you continue to demonise Mr Griffin and the British National Party collectively and at all cost! I would therefore suggest you target the mainstream media outlets with your outbursts and certainly not on these mediocre blogspots that try their hardest to encourage support from their own communities to come and join us in the fight for nationalism and to regain our rightful lands; whilst you (anti-gag) on the other hand is doing your utmost to try and discourage it with your somewhat nonsensical and laborious ramblings of Mr Griffin and Co.! You are either with us or you are not!

Anti-gag said...

Dear Leigh, lancashire nationalist,

Neither Mr Griffin nor his pension fund is my cause, my cause simply is our nation and its people. Griffin conned me for 9 years in the same way as he is conning you now, and I surely do not hold that against you, how could I?

Our party needs a leader not simply a show business personality. Look beyond the hype and stylish road shows Griffin puts on. Look to the party itself, and the grassroots membership, do we not deserve better than a leadership made up of a charismatic conman and his henchmen?

Griffin is now claiming a current membership figure of almost 10000, my estimation (based on people I know who have not renewed this year) is somewhere between 6-7000. Has the Wigan group seen an unusually large jump in new members year? I know there has always been a large turn over of members each year, and I always wondered why more wasn't done to retain members. The truth is that Griffin can't afford to allow the party to grow too large or he'll lose control of it, also new members are easier to fleece than people who have heard all his promises before. It took me 9 years to see through Griffin, but he's simply a very convincing and charismatic conman.

Our battle cry should be: the BNP needs to be a serious political party not a one man fan club.

Every member of our party must decide between the interests of Nick Griffin and those of our nation.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anti-gag said...

Dear Leigh, lancashire nationalist,

Just one final point: censorship is censorship regardless of how well you think you can justify it.

Chris Hill

despite everything we are on the same side you know.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Leigh, lancashire nationalist,

I would like to make just one point: censorship is censorship regardless of how well you think you can justify it.

Leigh, lancashire nationalist, Said:

The sole reason I will not allow your continuing rants anymore; is purely and simply because of your own mindset regarding the current leadership of the British National Party and therefore you will not gain your proponent on my blog.

I say:

Having been back to your blog and checked, it appears you have never allowed even one of my comments through, and that of course is your right!

What is totally hypocritical is your use of censorship on your own blog, while criticising others sites for doing the same.

Once again I say: free-speech for one must mean free-speech for all.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I just got this Skype message (about five minutes ago) from my brother in Australia:

" " f**** el mate...bit of a ding-dong going on on your comment section of wiganbnp blog!!! stop f***n fighting like rats in a cage...

...doesn't just look bad it seriously weakens the case overall..... "

I have to say that I entirely agree with him.

Sir Henry Morgan said...



Sir Henry Morgan said...

I know for a fact that the Observer will read all this (don't ask me how I know - I have my ways, and they must remain mine or they wont work any more).

What do you think they're going to make of it? "BNP fighting each other like rats in a sack".


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Either usefully contribute to the conversation, or go put the kettle on.

Lanky Patriot said...

I do think both of you should stop arguing on public blog pages.
You are both true nationalists and there is no disagreement between you about the threat to our people by this corrupt government and continued immigration conducted with the approval of the corrupt media(Wigan Observer please note).
Our day will come as the major parties have no solutions and the disaster predicted by Nick Griffin years ago is approaching as evidenced by Alastair Darling's comments today.
This blog disagreement is not about the basic principles of nationalism with which we are all agreed (so no wet dreams of delight at our early demise (Wigan Observer!) We are still here and getting stronger as the truth emerges. The argument is about the personality of Nick Griffin and his way of running the Party.
This should be done privately so as not to exacerbate any grievances, deter new people joining our just cause or overexcite our treacherous anti British foes in the media and the at present larger parties.

BTW Chris we are getting many more enquiries than in previous years.Some do not, it is true continue as members but most continue to support and work for us even though their membership has lapsed.

Anti-gag said...

It is clear that while this blog has an open policy on allowing critical comments, it is also clear (from their comments above) that the editors are uneasy with the current thread continuing the debate on this subject. I have always said that if my comments abuse that open policy I would not be offended if they were deleted by the blog's editors, in fact I conveyed that privately to the them only two days ago.

In some way I can see the point that a local blog should concentrate on local issues, and because of that I feel able to promise not to use this blog for critical comments against the national leadership again. But I will not be burying my head in the sand, nor silenced on this important issue, I’ll just keep to more relevant blogs.

Well done Wigan BNP, this is a local blog giving local coverage of local issues and I will certainly be a regular visitor and comment on these relevant local issues.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Chris - anti-gag,

We all are Nationlists, not wimps,

lets concentrate on saving our Country - not bitching - thats what led to Kinnocks fall.

We are British National Party,
we should not resort to tatics of the UAF etc, we are BETTER !

This Country needs us - UNITED


Anti-gag said...

Dear RedWhiteandBlue,

The editors of this blog have become uneasy with my critical comments about the leadership, and I have agreed to keep my postings here to the relevant local issues covered in the published stories on this blog. If you want to continue this thread please feel free to do so the Lancaster blog as:

Chris Hill.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

The comments continue to be deleted from this article on the

I was just wondering if our very own racist and Wigan Council-Hate Crime Coordinator Elliot Brown, was back to his "racist" best after seeing this post on there?

25) leviticus,
01/09/2008 20:23:46

"elliot you are that sad you are pathetic. the term communist dictator is too good for you"

Although I missed it; I wonder if it is indeed the "imbecile" in question. If so, then he must be feeling as cockey and invincible as ever! Posting so soon after his "alleged, disciplinary hearing"

Obviously, his feeble and petrified council bosses wouldn't HAVE dared sack him, oh no! Just think what a scoop that would have been for Wigan and Leigh BNP and the British National party as a whole!!

I'm a firm believer in "you reap what you sow." And "loose lips sink ships!"

Go for it Elliot!!