Sunday, 29 June 2008


This article was written in America, and is talking specifically about America. However, it generalises right across the world (the reference in it to "The Dead Isle" is a reference to Britain. The owner of this website, Lawrence Auster, looks at events in Britain and considers that apart from a few sparks of life - such as people like us - Britain as a culture is dead, and it saddens him. This site published the story of our difficulties getting our election advertising into the local papers, here in Wigan).

Read it. All of it, including comments. It is dull, dry and 'academic' - but you will learn from it.

Like me you will find the argument put forward to be compelling. Then, bearing that argument in mind, consider the lives and lifestyles of our elite groups: our politicians, our media people, our academics our business leaders ... and wonder no more about where these suicidal notions of multiculturalism and political correctness come from, and why those notions are so vehemently defended to the point of creating oppressive laws to defend them - and hiring oppressive people to enforce those laws (you there Elliot?). Wonder no more why they support mass immigration from all over the world - they all live at the clean end of the stick. The only way they will change their minds is if they have to live at the dirty end of the stick like the rest of us - and dirty in the way it is now, not the way it was thirty years ago when they did live at what was then the dirty end of the stick ... but it was a cleaner dirty.

Wonder no more why our way of life and our children's future are being flushed away.

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