Monday, 16 June 2008


I've just been to "New Europe" web magazine

I submitted the following comment in response to the article. Let's see if they publish it.
Or if perhaps they send some heavies around to lock me up for 42 days ...

“The referendum inIreland has demonstrated that direct democracy (by way of referendum)cannot ensure the progress of the European process.The security, liberty and prosperity of hundreds of millions ofEuropean citizens ask for complex leadership actions, whichcannot be appreciated by heterogeneous populations, from thepoint of view of the information level and the education one.European integration is a process that must be conducted politicallyby the elected representatives of the European citizens.”

The arrogance on display here is breathtaking. We, the people of Europe are being told that we are too stupid to vote on these matters, and we should just leave it to our betters. Who do you people think you are? And what part of "No" are you yourselves too stupid to understand?
I've heard it said that 1% of the population of Europe should not be allowed to prevent the other 99% from having their way by saying "no". The question I would like to see answered - and not in political weasel-talk - is how many of the 99% voted "yes"?

I saw the fragrant Margot a couple of nights back saying something like "We have to understand what the Irish didn't like about the treaty". Well here and now, and for free, I can tell her exactly what the Irish didn't like about it: they didn't like ANY of it, and they didn't trust ANY of it. Exactly the same as they don't like ANY of you, and they don't trust ANY of you. Exactly the same as the majority in all 27 EU countries ... if you only had the courage to put it to the test.

You are riding for a hard fall.

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MerlinsTempest said...

They will never give us a referendum, dear Captain! We are living under a dictatorship, not a democracy! Some really terrible times are destined for us in the very near future, and as usual, innocent people are going to suffer. I just hope the bastards who have bred this terrible situation will be brought to account when our towns and cities have stopped burning.