Sunday, 25 May 2008

What you haven't been told about the "Harry Potter" murder.

You will have read this story

But why isn't the press telling us this bit?

"Lee Howard, 19, a friend of Robert who saw the trouble, said: “We were in the bar, just having a drink on a Friday night as normal, when word went round that someone was coming down, tooled up with knives.

“We told the bouncers on the door but they told us not to worry. “Then two black men in an Audi A3 turned up outside. The bouncers didn’t seem to search them and let them into the bar. “It kicked off straight away. One of them went up to Jamie and said, ‘I’m going to get you. I’m going to slit your throat.’

“This man threw a chair at Jamie and a big fight erupted. We were all just trying to get the knife off him. “It all spilled outside the bar. We got the man in the bushes but he pulled out another knife. “He had one in each hand and was just lashing out. There must have been six people who he stabbed. It was terrible.” His accomplice fled. One of their group, 21-year-old Dean Saunders, is thought to have been stabbed three times on the left side of his neck. "

28 teenagers and other children murdered with knives and guns so far this year, ten of them (at least) in London. Almost all by non-native British.

However, despite that, my main criticism is reserved for the media who take it upon themselves to decide what is unsuitable for the rest of us to know. And how quickly the media told us - and told us and told us and told us and is still telling us after eighteen years - when they think native British killed a black teenager as in the Steven Lawrence murder.

Does anyone wonder why we no longer trust our politicians or media? Which "profession" is held in the lowest esteem of all? - politicians. Which other profession is down there in the gutter with them? - journalists.

Wonder no more.

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MerlinsTempest said...

Compare this murder's media coverage to today's media coverage about a young Asian male having been found dead in a park.

Double standards or what?!