Sunday, 13 April 2008

Shock Horror! Wigan doesn't seem to have any native white kids.

When Wigan Council wanted to make its website more appealing to young people the first thing it did was call in a couple of experts.
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The aim of the project was to make sure that the views of young people were listened to and taken seriously.
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Two eager volunteers Joe Mulenda and Ahmed Younis, who are both members of the Rafiki Motswako youth group, spent the day with Equality and Diversity Team members Andrew McCorkle and Catherine Martin, supported by Garry Miller looking at the web pages and exploring how they could be improved.
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Andrew says: “ … We got some fairly frank opinions from Joe and Ahmed who told us the pages were difficult to find on the council’s website and once you did find them they were boring and too full of numbers. … They told us we should make the web pages a bit more fun by adding things like quizzes on different topics such as religion. “

Go read it all. Please do:

I’d just like to add that in a secular country religion and government are kept separate. I for one certainly don’t want to read about religion on council web pages, any more than I want to hear about government in church. And which religion exactly, do we suppose they have in mind? Something tells me they, and the Equality and Diversity Team, weren’t thinking of Judaism or Buddhism, for examples.

And the pages were boring and too full of numbers were they? It’s because we as a culture learned to work right through information regardless of boredom; and because we also recognised the importance of numbers, our Western culture became superior to all other cultures on the planet, and came to dominate the world. Other cultures that are growing increasingly successful, such as China, India, Japan, Korea for examples, are those that have adopted our ways, kept religion and government apart and recognised the importance of data, statistics … numbers!

Trevor Philips himself, Chairman of the Race Equality Council, has said it: multiculturalism is dead. Incomers should adopt our ways, and not expect to come here but keep to the ways of the countries they left. Do they just want to reproduce what they are trying to escape from? No, I’m not having a pop at what are obviously two very bright little boys: I’m taking a pop at the Equality and Diversity Team. You should not be encouraging incomers to keep to their old ways because that is building up nothing but grief for them, and the indigenous population, in the future. They should be adopting our ways. Indeed, there should be nothing but our ways available to them.

And where were the white native Wigan kids? Isn’t the council interested in their views too?

Perhaps they are all incapable of this kind of thing due to imbecility? Anything to add Mr Elliot Brown?

Note to readers: I'm more than happy to argue about this in the comments section.

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