Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Two days ago I was asked if Wigan BNP would like to place an advertisment in the Wigan Reporter. After much thought we decided to take advantage of the offer in spite of the cost. I spent several hours in communication with the girl at the paper who was very helpful and paid for the adverts. At 3.15pm today I was rung by the editor and told that he was unwilling to publish our advert as there was a problem with our mentioning Tibet and comparing it to the situation in this country. Also he said that there were statements about the other Parties which were untrue.
I told him I had not said anything that was not true and they had previously published allegations that our membership contained Nazis. This he denied.
I think the Left wing NUJ have stuck their oar in and that we are getting too close to the truth which they can not tolerate.
I told him he could "stick his paper" , we would want our money back and that in future we would use the internet and thus evade this unjustified censorship.
The good thing about this is that they have lost money, we have kept ours and hopefully people in using the internet, will stop reading their censored rag cost them sales as a result.
Read the advert and see if you can see anything objectionable.
If you agree with me that it is OK, please spread it around on the net as an example of censorship and help us regain our freedom of speech.


Anti-gag said...

This is fascism pure and simple!
Has the editor been taking lessons from President Mugabe?

Chris Hill
(Chairman: Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change)

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Great ad. Links to articles on Chinese immigration from Tibet to Berkeley are below.

Vote the nationalist party in whatever country you are in. Don't vote for the lesser of two betrayals.

Anti-gag said...

I just wonder how long it will be, (given that: police, prison officers and senior civil servants are not allowed to be BMP members) before people in certain jobs are given special voting papers that have the BNP's box blacked out so they can't vote for us. Sounds far fetched I know, but so would the ban on these people joining a perfectly legal political party 30 years ago.

Another incident I learned about just a few days ago, also shows that the grassroots BNP members should not become complacent about the struggle for democracy within our own party. Steve Thompson (Ex Aberdeen organiser) has had a block put on his membership renewal, simply because of his support for Voice of Change. Now I've only met the man once (Blackpool conference last Nov) but he seemed a very genuine guy who has also stood for the party in local council elections. Griffin's purge of good people is still going on!

All in all we really do live in fascist times.

I’ll see you all at the next Wigan meeting.

Chris Hill
(Chairman: Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change)

Dennis Mangan said...

Best of luck to you. Keep on fighting for your country!

Rick Darby said...

Best of British luck to you!

bravewarrior said...

Forgive them for they no not what they do !!we are at sea on the unsinkable titanic ice all around yet these people refuse to see11 just wait for the ice burg we will all drown together