Friday, 28 March 2008

Open Letter to Elliot Brown: Wigan Hate Crime Co-ordinator

My colleague over at Leigh has already posted on this matter, but I’ve been thinking about it and getting angrier and angrier by the minute. I cannot just let this go, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to rip into this poor excuse for a man in order to vent my anger; and no doubt the anger of many other people living in Wigan.

Here we go, but before you continue, consider that if you commit a crime, and this man and/or his department judges it to be a "Hate Crime", then whatever your sentence would normally have been for that crime ... it will now be massively increased. This moron has real POWER over the people of Wigan Are you happy about that?

Bear in mind, that this man was foolish enough to display his ignorance, lack of education, and prejudice against Wigan people in the on-line version of the Wigan Observer.

elliot,wigan 07/01/2008 18:20:53My name is Elliot Brown and I am proud to be the Hate Crime Co-ordinator for Wigan & Leigh at the Wigan & Leigh Community Safety Partnership.

Wigan and Leigh Community Safety Partnership. Would that be the “Community Safety” of ten-year-old children who fall into water, and then drown while substitute (read ‘cheap’) police officers stand by and don’t get wet? I can’t imagine a real police officer standing by and staying dry in such circumstances. Can you? Much like I can't imagine you, Elliot Brown, getting wet in said circumstances. I think the Community would be far safer if the money spent on you and your kind was spent instead on a few more real police officers. I’m sure you or a friend could use Common Purpose contacts to easily enough find yourself another sinecure.

If someone feels that they have been targetted because of their race or ethnicity, sexuality, faith or belief, gender, age or disability - Then you can take action against the offenders.

Race or ethnicity. Does that mean ... like ... native British Wiganers? ‘Targetted’. Are you sure that shouldn’t read ‘targeted’? And isn't that exactly what you did to native British Wiganers (see later)? Sexuality. Hmm ... I'm a single man these days. That means I , um, take care of certain matters for myself. Does that mean that if someone calls me a wanker I can get them done for Hate Crime because they are targeting my sexuality? Is truth a defence? Or would they have to be more specific and call me a Welsh wanker - then we can do them on two counts: sexuality and ethnicity. I'm confused Elliot Brown; I'm going to have to email you for one of your booklets. ‘Faith or belief’. Perhaps you might care to define the difference? ‘Gender’. Mr Elliot Brown, I’m not at all sure you understand what the word/concept 'gender' means. Gender is a description of ones place on the masculinity/femininity scale. For example, there are feminine men and masculine women. Gender is a description of a psychological characteristic. Perhaps you meant ‘sex’? On reflection, maybe you meant both, and forgot. Or didn't know the difference in the first place (most likely). Who can take action against offenders? Me? So if some people target me because of, for example, my political belief, then I can take action against them? What kind of action exactly? Please, be specific … I wouldn’t want to take action on my own behalf then find myself on an assault charge – from a real police officer, that is - one I can respect. Or do you mean I can go toddling off, and tell tales to nanny Elliot Brown or one of his minions? Would you really defend a BNP man for his beliefs? Somehow, I think not. Oh - and it's " ...alleged offenders."

Before this can happen - The incident must be reported.

Ah! There it is: I must run to nanny telling tales. Sir, people like you are trying your best to turn the British into a nation of helpless woosies. Perhaps I could just pick up a phone and dial one of the myriad snitch-lines instead? East Germany anyone?

Wigan Council in partnership with the Police, Victim Support, Schools, Adult Services, Fire Services (to name but a few of the many partners) - Have worked to develop better and more ways and means of reporting Hate Incidents. You can report incidents to every Area Housing Office; At the Civic Centre, In every Library and Leisure Centre throughout Wigan and Leigh.

The Council is for emptying the bins and a few other basic services; I call the police when someone burgles my house (well, maybe not - it's not as if they'd get my stuff back); only people who give in and go running to nanny are victims; I use schools to educate my kids, not whinge about people; Adult Services sounds … er … interesting: please, tell us more. Good lookers are they? I call the Fire Service if I have a fire that I can’t extinguish using my extinguisher and the training I received as a line/hangar technician in the Air Force. I have extinguished monofuel fires before now – on my own. Some of us just don’t go running until we have to - we are ever so slightly more self-sufficient in an emergency than you might prefer. Area Housing Offices are for housing problems; the Civic Centre is for … well, what, exactly? I’m not sure many of us have ever managed to quite work that one out. The library’s for books and the Leisure Centre is for a warm swim - as opposed to a cold one with a couple of substitute (read cheap) police officers to watch over you. I suppose all the staff of all these organisations have been forced to undergo ‘Diversity Training’ – at great expense to taxpayers? But I suppose you're only drumming up business. We've never needed you before, so why would we need you now? Oh yes ... silly me: eleven years of dismantled border controls, and a need to suppress the native British population.

All victims are treated the same and no preference is EVER given to someone simply because they are non white. In other words, White British Victims of hate crime are given the same level of care and support as anyone else.

I’m sure it must be so if someone really caring like you says so. I’m sure that somewhere deep in my soul I must believe you. I’m equally sure that millions don’t. And you've lost a hyphen; also, no need for upper case at the start of white or victim.

To suggest that you get better treatment if you are not from this country or town is very naive and plays a small part in fuelling the anger some people feel about non white Wigan/Leigh folk.

Progress at last. But are you sure you understand the meaning of the word ‘naïve’? I think I might be in a majority if I thought that ‘naïve’ means believing a word you and your kind says. And you've lost the same hyphen twice now. You really are careless. Could we go so far as to say ... reckless? Do we have grounds to sic the H.S.E. onto you?

You do not have to be a victim to report any Hate Incidents - you may have witnessed an incident and want to report it.

Well please, just so we don’t go wasting your time with endless calls, define ‘Hate Incidents’ from a witness's perspective. I mean, I don’t think I’m entirely stupid, and I do remember to breathe out again every time I breathe in, and in again every time I breathe out (so far so good) but what on Earth is a ‘Hate Incident’ (actually, later in this post I’m going to give you something that you are almost certain to categorise as a Hate Incident … and there wont be a damned thing you’ll be able to do about it)? I don’t have to be a ‘victim’ eh? I don't have to be a snitch either. I'm never a victim, because I don't give up and go running to snitch to nanny. Aren’t you just leaving yourself wide open for malicious calls? What if I see a toddler smacking another toddler in the mouth and stealing his lollipop, and the – by now crying – other toddler screams out “I hate you!”, and smacks him a good one back with a stick? Do I get on the phone to you toute de suite? Do I have to have witnessed it, or will remembering it do? What about all the times when I was a boy and told my mam and dad that I hated them - usually after a severe hammering? Is that a Hate Crime? Am I serial offender? Why did my hammerings always come in pairs?

The more incidents that are reported means that we stand a better chance of finding out whare the tension is and be able to tackle it in the best way that we can.

Well, actually, you really mean the more chance you wont look like a waste of oxygen and perhaps get to keep your undoubtedly very highly-salaried sinecure (though given recent events … more later). How do you spell 'where'? And I can tell you for nothing: the tension is wherever you dump the foreign influx. You have loads of them dumped living where you live, I imagine?

Wigan & Leigh is as safe as we all make it. Anyone wishing to get more information or free facts booklet then please contact me on - and I will mail it out to you

That’s either “a free facts booklet” or “free facts booklets. I will be emailing you – or at least your office: you may have lost your sinecure by then. I wonder what the proportions are between native Wiganers emailing for these booklets, and foreigners emailing for them (note well that to me a foreigner is someone who is not a native born and bred – going back hundreds of years – English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish person. Personally I’m of the Welsh variety)? I think I just might make a Freedom of Information enquiry about that. Probably wasting my time: some people foolishly think Musharraf and Mugabe are indistinguishable from British names, for example. This is all about making us equally blind. Bugger - I just split an infinitive.

Before we go any further, let’s establish my racism-level credentials shall we? I was married for nearly a quarter-century to a foreigner (gasp! - a BNP-er married to a foreigner); a South Asian woman (double-gasp!! - a brown one) I met when she was serving in our armed forces at the same time I was. My one and only child is mixed race – mind you, I must have good Welsh genes: mother brown eyes, me blue, daughter blue; mother nearly black hair, me fair hair (before it went grey), daughter fair hair; mother dark skin (very very), me white skin, daughter white skin – with rosy cheeks. Go figure: it seems to break all the rules. Mr Elliot Brown and colleagues: how many mixed race children do you have?

Right, let’s really go to town on this moron.

This idiot was foolish enough to post the following too in the on-line version of the Wigan Observer. Now this one requires stupidity at genius levels, or arrogance beyond all rational comprehension. An arrogance that screams out “I’m a good and righteous person, nobody can touch me, I can say what I want as long as it’s only about white people. I’m one of the bosses.”

Query: Is there such a thing as genius-level stupidity? Anyone got an answer?

elliot,17/01/2008 12:28:33 Imbeciles was the old name for those children that are borne from incestuous relationships. It is a little known fact that a certain area within the borough of wigan and leigh had the highest rate of imbeciles in the UK. Its true to say that at one point in the history of the borough....some fathers thought on it as their priveledge to de-flower their daughters. Infact in some areas, it was the expectation.Thank goodness for new blood coming into the Borough. The aggression from some people on the issue of 'new blood coming into the area' is, the view of many,...that this is infact remnants of 'the good old days', it were.

Elliot, I really can’t believe I read that. Are you sure some BNP supporter didn’t steal your password, or otherwise hack into your Wigan Observer account, and then posted this to make you look like a moron (or should that be an imbecile)? Please, at least give us a lame excuse. Something … anything! Good Lord … you really did write that didn’t you. How much are you paid by the Council Tax payers of Wigan? Do we really employ someone this stupid? Do we really employ other people on the council who are stupid enough to give you a job? I think we should investigate not only you but also the personnel department. We’ll be looking for Common Purpose connections because I really can’t see any other way the council could employ someone this stupid. I mean, it may be a Labour controlled council, but no matter how bent Labour may or may not be, I really don't think they're stupid ... well, not this stupid anyway. Which way around do you put your trousers on in the morning?

Imbeciles was the old name for those children that are borne from incestuous relationships.

Surely you mean ‘born’? Just wondered is all, in case my mammy told me wrong about how little babies come into the world. And I think it fair to tell you that imbeciles is also a modern word … for people stupid enough to write that sort of stuff.

It is a little known fact that a certain area within the borough of wigan and leigh had the highest rate of imbeciles in the UK.

Very little known indeed. Please, educate us. You will, of course, be laying yourself wide open to a lawsuit if you do, but you may well have done that anyway with just that much. Instead of grossly offending the people of one ward in the borough, you’ve grossly offended the entire borough, because if you don’t tell us which ward, then the people of every ward will be pointing fingers at each other and wondering. And as for outsiders pointing fingers, it wont be 'Pie Eaters' they'll be calling us. Lord alone knows what visiting football fans will be chanting at the JJB? And while we’re digging at you Elliot, real names start with a CAPITAL letter. That means upper case, or, when you’re using a keyboard, you press the Shift key and the letter at the same time. It’s Wigan and Leigh, not wigan and leigh. Anyone, please help me: did this bloke have to do any tests before Wigan council gave him a high-paid job? Can I have one? Pretty please? I don't have any Common Purpose connections though so I suppose not.

Its true to say that at one point in the history of the borough....some fathers thought on it as their priveledge to de-flower their daughters.

Is it true? I hope you have hard evidence for that mate because you’ve just offended an awful lot of really big blokes who have family in Wigan going back generations. You are in deep doo doo pal. And here’s how you spell ‘privelege’. There … oh dear, you must have passed it without it registering. It’s not ‘priveledge. I’m sure you must be able to spell ‘fridge’; how about ‘refrigerator’? Notice the difference? Perhaps I’m wrong: maybe it’s ‘frige’ and refridgerator? Just trying to help you out here mate. Don’t take it to heart. Second thoughts … yes, please do. Also, there’s no need for the hyphen – you know, those dash thingies – in deflower. I suppose a bloke could de-flower his garden, which would mean he one way or another removed all the flowers from his garden. But I don’t think you were talking about fathers removing all the flowers from their daughters eh? So you don’t know when to use upper case, you don’t know how to do basic spelling, and you don’t know how and when to use hyphens (those dash thingies). Who gave you that job? I wont even go into the grammar you used around the word ‘thought’. You do understand, don’t you Elliot Brown, that English as she is spoked is not the same as English as she is writted (no, not typos)? Tell us again: who employed you on your undoubtedly high salary? A far higher salary than most of the people paying the Council Tax that keeps you in the manner to which you think you are entitled.

Infact in some areas, it was the expectation.

Ooh-woo it just gets better and better. It started off as just the one area, but we're already into plural areas; indeed: looking again at the previous sentence-as-written ( you'll see) to this one: the entire borough. Please do tell us which areas so we can keep a close eye on all these imbeciles we are now apparently surrounded by – they having been produced in multiple areas. It’s just for their own safety, I’m sure you understand. We wouldn't want them to forget to breathe out again. Now your grammar is deteriorating some more, so I’m really going to have to take you to task on this one. Are you with me Elliot Brown? First though, let’s accept shall we that ‘infact’ is not a real word. Come on, you made it up just for the imbeciles of Wigan didn’t you? Thought they wouldn’t know the difference between a real and a made-up word, and you could slip it right past the imbeciles. Ah! Right, ok, got it: it’s two words and you just forgot to put a gap between them. Trying to baffle the imbeciles again? Ok, sorry about that: it was really what’s known as a ‘typo’ wasn’t it. Fair enough, we all make typos – but some of us have an excuse: we are just knuckle-dragging BNP thugs who don’t know any better. You don’t have that excuse: you are a highly paid, highly educated (presumably) executive with the council. You shouldn’t really be making careless errors like that. Was your secretary on a day off? Or is it it that she wouldn’t be so stupid as to write this sort of stuff? She, at least, is obviously not an imbecile. Oh dear ... where in Wigan did she grow up? Was it one of those special areas? Can you ever trust her not to drop you in it after what you said - maybe about her without you knowing? What’s her salary by the way? And what’s yours? I digress: grammar (well, it’s punctuation too, which is sort of part of grammar – but I’ll correct the typo for you gratis). “In fact in some areas, it was the expectation.” Well, at least you remembered the fullstop at the end. Other than that it is entirely ungrammatical. First of all, that collection of words cannot be a free-standing sentence. We have to take the previous sentence, so to speak, and add this to that, with a colon or semi-colon (no Elliot Brown, nothing to do with your intestines) separating the two. Like this: “Its true to say that at one point in the history of the borough....some fathers thought on it as their priveledge to deflower their daughter; in fact in some areas, it was the expectation.” Now let’s move that comma, shall we? It should read: “ … in fact, in some areas it was the expectation.” And … oh my goodness me I’ve only just noticed. You have made my day. Don't you just hate it when the apostrophe is wrong, just hate it. You don't? You have used the possessive ‘Its’, when in fact you should have used the apostrophed ‘It is’ That’s very naughty indeed. Tell us again: who was your English teacher( note use of possessive ‘your’ and not apostrophed ‘you are’ or you’re. Have we got our neural-net processor switched to Write, or are we still on Read Only? So, we end up with this, instead of that steaming pile of horse manure you produced: “It’s true to say that at one point in the history of the borough....some fathers thought on it as their privelege to deflower their daughter; in fact, in some areas it was the expectation.” I’m not even sure that is entirely correct: it’s possible ‘daughter’ should be plural, given that you used ‘fathers’ in the plural. Unless, of course, a daughter can have multiple fathers? But then, I'm only a knuckle-dragger, so I can't be expected to know much.

Thank goodness for new blood coming into the Borough.

We really haven’t quite got the hang of upper case/lower case yet have we young Elliot. You use lower case for the ‘b’ in borough, unless the word ‘borough is part of a name, as in Wigan Borough Council. However, when you’re (note apostrophe) using the word borough in it’s generic (no, not pills from the chemist) meaning, lower case will do. I’m new blood that came into the borough: I’m a native born and bred Welshman. Something tells me this isn’t exactly what you had in mind though.

I just can’t be bothered with the rest of this big steaming pile of horse manure.

Now, let’s be blunt here: what Elliot Brown is talking about is the native British fathers in Wigan having sex with their daughters. Correct?

Right then Elliot Brown: have you ever heard of “Google Trends”? No? I’ll assume ‘no’ seeing as how you don’t even seem to know where and when to use the Shift key. Or not use it.

Right then: every time anyone ever makes a search with Google, then Google (the company) files the search terms used, and uses them for later statistical analysis. Sorry mate: it’s too late to go back and delete them all. It’s ok, you don’t have to worry – they don’t personalise the search terms filed any more closely than the IP number your computer’s using, and that only so they can track it back as far as the country and town … but if they wanted to … well, they could track any search you’ve ever made right back to you. I don’t suppose you’ve anything to worry about though: after all, your self-righteous goodness shines out so intensely that I can feel its warm self-righteous glow from right here in my own house. I’m sure you can’t have searched for anything you shouldn’t, such as fathers having sex with their daughters. No, it couldn’t be. Anyway, Google collates all of these search terms and uses them to analyse where certain combinations of search terms originate from in the largest numbers. An example might be the search terms people use and have used when they are looking for pornographic web sites so they can masturbate to their own particular ‘thing’. Don’t be embarrassed Elliot Brown, we all have our own particular 'thing' or 'things'. And I'm sure there are plenty of other people with the same 'thing' or 'things' as you. But did you know that whole nations do too, on average? Some nations use certain search terms more often than others. Google keeps track of all this and refers to it as “Google Trends”.

For example, let’s see what the trend is for the search terms “sex father daughter”. That should drop the native British Wiganers right in it. Right? The world according to Elliot? And what do we find? Well here it is: go take a look and tell us what you make of it.

Well bugger me sideways with a Christmas Tree. Who would ever have guessed that? There are more searches for web sites concerned with sex between fathers and their daughters coming from Pakistan than for all the other nine of the top ten in combination. Native Wigan men don’t even come close. Indeed, native British men don’t even come close. And let’s think about this a little more deeply: how many internet-connected computers in Pakistan compared to almost any Western country? So what proportions are we talking about? Is the Social Services Department aware of what Pakistanis get their rocks off over? Don’t you think they should be Mr. Elliot Brown?

Let’s look up some other search trends shall we? Well, rhetorical question: of course we’re going to look at some other search terms. Here’s a list of them. Click on them all and see what comes up.

“sex father son”

Oh dear, there they are again.

Let’s try “sex brother sister”

And again …

Ok, lets go for “sex man boy”

They’re certainly persistent aren’t they. Really must like coming first.

Ok, let’s get really way out. Surely there can’t be much of anything for this one:

“sex man animal”

Ah, at last: someone’s managed to kick Pakistan down into second place. Oh dear: it’s Bangladesh.

I wont bother with any more. But let’s cast our mind back to the trend for “sex father daughter”. Looking at that, is anyone really surprised that the man recently jailed for raping a young woman, punched her in the face while he did it until she called him “Daddy”, then claimed (falsely) in alibi that he had been in the mosque at the time? Here’s the story (it’s in other papers too – I just happen to have this link to hand. Do your own search using his name)

Now then Mr Elliot Brown: in your considered opinion as “Hate Crime Co-ordinator”, does what I’ve just done constitute a “Hate Crime”? Really? So you can accuse native British men of the vilest of offences, in writing and in the press, and it’s not a “Hate Crime”; but when we defend ourselves and point out that the most likely perpetrators of this kind of vile offence are not, indeed British men, but possibly Pakistani men on the masturbation evidence available, it is? And we're not talking about just daughters are we! Ok, send your heavies around to get me. I'm on the electoral roll, and the name I use here is my real one (it says so in my passport, as one of the journalists on the Wigan Observer, and half the population of Wigan who've seen the photo in the paper, can confirm).

“Hate Crime Co-ordinator”. That’s an interesting job title, isn’t it? What does it mean, exactly? The way I read it is: supposing, entirely hypothetically of course, that I hated Muslims and wanted to set fire to the nearest mosque, would I phone you up and it’s your job to co-ordinate my efforts with those of other people who are of like mind? So we could do a proper job of it.
Just wondered like, y'know.

Mr Elliot Brown, you are finished in this town, and maybe your entire department with you because every time your department has any input at all into a “Hate Crime”, and the alleged (not alledged, note) perpetrator is a native Wiganer, lawyers for the accused will be able to bring decisive evidence to bear claiming that the "Hate" aspect of the case only arises because you are profoundly prejudiced against the people of Wigan. It’s all there, in writing, in the on-line version of the newspaper. It wont do any good to try persuading the newspaper to remove it because there’s always Google Cache (another service from Google, in addition to Google Trends, Images, Alerts and Earth )– and how many screen grabs do you suppose have been taken? Do you even know what I'm talking about? Ordinary people likely to become your future targets do not pass up easy opportunities like those you have made available. We’re not as stupid or as ignorant as you appear to suppose. And we don't have grazed knuckles either. Arrogance does that to you.

Perhaps you will be forgiven if you show contrition to the extent that you go to the town centre on a Saturday afternoon, prostrate yourself Chinese full-kowtow style, and shout out your sincere apologies to the pavement. I suppose some might forgive your hate for native Wiganers. I wont, and I’m not even native to Wigan.

I’ve got no doubt that I too have made an error or three in my grammar, spelling, punctuation – but then I’m only a BNP knuckle-dragger, so what can you expect? There’s also the amount of writing I’ve done compared to the tiny amount Elliot Brown wrote. I left school at 15 back in the days when there was no such thing as G.C.S.E.s. In those days it was G.C.E.s or C.S.E.s (they were the ones an untrained knuckle-dragger could pass. Our education system and qualifications were being devalued long before Mr Blair got his hands on them – he just accelerated the process, that’s all). No, I didn’t even get a C.S.E in English. Maybe that’s why I’m not a big, powerful, highly-paid pig-ignorant executive on Wigan Borough Council; but I still know more about the use of the English language than you Elliot Brown. Perhaps that’s why I have FOUR times failed to get a position as an Administrative Assistant (about as low as it gets) in various Jobcentres up and down the country.

Elliot Brown: shove off. But first you should face Hate Crime charges for what you’ve said, as publicly as it’s possible to get, against the native people of Wigan.

Anyone going to make the formal complaint? Or are we going to save it for when he tries to bring Hate Crime charges against me for my above expose (sorry, I don’t know how to do the little mark over the e) on the masturbatory proclivities of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis?


watcher said...

This is pernicious(pleaase note that word).Dangerous.Should SirHM be willing to be fund coordinator(that would be the condition I'm afraid)and be equally willing to locate a lawyer who feels there is a case to answer then I will pledge the first $1000us to the case.Please get in touch with me Sir.

leyther said...

Throughly enjoyed reading this post, Sir.

This will undoubtedly rip through the 'untouchable' WMBC gestabo!

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Sir, that is a very generous offer and we will keep it in mind. We in Wigan BNP are small in number, and our priority just now is the upcoming elections on May 1st. The election process started on the 27th just passed.

If it came to being fund co-ordinator, I wouldn't see that as an undue difficulty as I am already fundholder for the Wigan BNP (my books are accurate and receipted to the penny).

We will very much keep this in mind for immediately after the elections, but I don't think Elliot Brown will be in post by then. He has angered a lot of people ... and most of the elected representatives and staff on our council are themselves native Wiganers. I think this problem will be self-correcting.

He's only a symptom of the real problem anyway: the real problem is the "Hate Crime" legislation itself. It presumes to determine what is in someone's mind at the time of committing a criminal offence. But worse than that, it makes words and otherwise non-criminal behaviour crimes. Did you know that during 2007 a man in Scotland was arrested and held in custody over a weekend (the case eventually resulted in a £150 fine)for, and I quote "Revving his car in a racist manner"

Another two people in London were recently subjected to an investigation costing £250,000 over charges that they bit the heads off black jelly-babies in a "racially intimidating way". It took the jury at the Crown Court just 45 minutes to throw out the charges. Jelly-babies are soft jelly sweets an inch or so long and shaped as babies. They come in packets of mixed colours. I have eaten them all my life, the black ones being my favourites, and I always bite the heads off first. Everyone does the same.

But that's "Hate Crime" legislation for you, especially once zealots are running the show.

I accessed your blogger account, but there was no blog there for making a more direct contact. We will return to this issue after May 1st if it hasn't been resolved to our satisfaction. We will keep your pledge in mind.

Again: thank you.

PS I think ridicule might be the best way to go when dealing with these kinds of people. Threats don't trouble them (they have the police), or any other action we might take in an unarmed society. But they are so self-important that they just can't stand being laughed at. They have no mechanisms, internally or externally, psychological or physical, to cope with being ridiculed.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I'm pleased you enjoyed it. I tried to make it an enjoyable read instead of a strightforward rant. The idea is to keep pulling people through to the end - make it compulsive, like those books where you end up getting no sleep because you've just got to keep turning the page to find out what's said next.

I hope you're right about WMBC. I hope they all read it, elected members and staff alike. I hope they all come to think that, "oh boy, someone might do that to me one day." Coucil members and staff, just like MPs and the civil service need to be brought down a peg or two. They seem to have gotten it in mind that they are the masters and we the servants. They are wrong: WE are the masters, and THEY are the servants and this needs bringing home to them with a sharp jolt. We will get better public services for it.

Read my PS on the above comment. Ridicule is the way to go. They can't jail you for laughing at them. We have to make it clear to them that we don't fear them in the slightest. They'll get the message sooner or later, and probably sooner.

Don't get me wrong: there are some fine and dedicated public servants out there. It's up to us to ensure that they ALL become fine and dedicated public servants. The others - the venal, the lazy, the arrogant, the power-hungry - are only the way they are because WE ALLOW IT. That must stop. Every now and again I will post something like this when a public servant, or even businessman, has been outrageous in some way. I can only hope that on the occasions I do this, it will be thoroughly entertaining.

Laugh at them. Ridicule them. Humiliate them. All publicly. ALL of us.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Sir Henry, I have just read this post over and over again and it get's better each time I do so!

Have we forwarded this to the relevant council department?

This will certainly have them wiping their brow with their Che Guevara t-shirts and no-doubt choking on their lentil pea and cucumber soup!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You, or anyone else, can forward anything I write about anyone, where or thing, to anyone you like, anywhere. Indeed, I'd rather like it if you did.

Let's get his COLLEAGUES laughing at him too.

Want me to link a couple of other things I've written (elsewhere as it happens, but so what? Thy are items grounded in fact and - sometimes official - statistics.

Thing with official statistics is that if you look at them in ways officialdom doesn't expect you to, and link together databases officialdom would never expect you to link together, you can learn some seriously surprising new information. Did you know, for instance, that based on London Metropolitan Police statistics, the more Muslims there are in a borough, the more sex offences there are (statistics based on actual convictions)? And it's nothing to do with population level - it's to do with percentage of Muslims. No, the Met don't keep statistics on the race or religious affiliation of perps, but by a bit of lateral thinking and database linking ...


simon.l.whiting said...

Just a small point - at present, at the top of your page you are advertising "DVD'S" (sic). The apostrophe there is what is commonly called a "grocer's apostrophe" - i.e., it shouldn't be there! "DVD'S" would refer to a single DVD having something (owning something, or having some characteristic - e.g. "the DVD's shape is round") - the "genitive". The apostrophe is used in English to signify a missing letter - in Anglo-Saxon the genitive was formed by adding "es" to the root of a noun - thus "DVDes" => "DVD's".
However I think what you mean is simply the plural of DVD - which is just "DVDs".
Just a small point, but a lot of us get a bit hot and bothered about these grocers' apostrophes, which seem to be taking over the language these days.