Monday, 31 March 2008

Letter to Mr. Ian McCartney M.P.

My Lanky colleague is currently having connection difficulties with Blogger, and has asked me to post this on his behalf. It is an email he has sent to Ian McCartney MP via the Write to Them website. Apparently, emails written directly to Mr McCartney are being returned unopened.The advantage of using Write to Them as your route for emailing your MP is that Write to Them keeps files - and publishes the data - on which MPs do and don't reply promptly to their electors. MPs are aware of this and so are more likely to respond to you. Here again is the address for Write to Them:

And here is the address for They Work for You, which provides information about your MP:

Here is Lanky Patriots letter to Mr McCartney
Mr Mc Cartney,

Below is the address of the new Wigan BNP weblog. I know you will not agree with much or anything we say but I assure you it represents the views of thousands of Wiganers. I thought it right to let you know about it, although up to now you have declined my invitation to a public debate on issues worrying many people.

I am prepared to put my reputation on the line to further and defend my point of view in a debate. I hope as our democratically elected representative you will accept this invitation to a civilised debate.

The Internet is affording us a vehicle to disseminate our point of view which has until now been controlled by the media barons and the government. Rest assured we shall use it!

This letter and invitation will be published on our Wigan BNP blog.


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